Snippets 3: Kingdom of Gods outtakes

Previous Snippets posts can be found here. The Kingdom of Gods was hard to write! It was the first time I’ve ever started a book without a clearly-established plan in mind — I knew where I wanted to go, but not how to get there — and under deadline pressure. So I wrote several starter versions of the book before I found the right voice and direction for it. Some of these got quite long; I probably wrote an entire novel’s worth of material in order to find the right way of telling this story. But that’s OK, because I […]

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Publishers Weekly!

Forgot to mention this here, though I did on Twitter — famous fan James Davis Nicoll did an interview with me in Publishers Weekly earlier this week, to coincide with their review of The Kingdom of Gods. (Spoilers for the third sample chapter, which goes up next week!) Some excerpts from the interview, which is published in their print edition but also here at the Genreville blog: JDN: One of the defining elements in the Inheritance Trilogy was obsessive and often destructive love. Another was a political structure notable for its brutality and authoritarian aspects. The two elements are linked

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Belated Happy Birthday to me!

Folks on Twitter and FB knew this, but it occurred to me I hadn’t mentioned the b-day here on the homeblog. D’oh, Web 2.0fail. Anyway, I partly forgot to mention it because it wasn’t a big deal. Like anyone who works in education, I generally write off the month of September for stuff like, oh, a social life, complex thought, or a full night’s sleep. So I generally celebrate my birthday in October sometime. And given that this October will see the publication of The Kingdom of Gods… well, there’s just all kinds of stuff I can do with that.

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Locus Roundtable on, er, Me

Locus, that nice magazine that just gave me a big shiny award, also does other cool things. Who knew? Like, they have a series called Roundtables, in which they ask a bunch of writers, reviewers, and other literary folk to chat about a particular work or topic. And — starting before the award, actually — they decided to talk about me. Disclosure: I’m on the Roundtable list, but I obviously bowed out of this conversation. So a couple of the folks there have met me in real life, one (Rachel Swirsky) knows me quite well, and the rest I only

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Another quick question

Well, now. Since my last quick question was so successful, and since I’m too busy for a lengthy post these days, thought I’d toss another one out. And this one is: What do you think will happen in The Kingdom of Gods? (Will probably repost this in six months when the book comes out, so I can cackle in Maniacal Author Glee as theories are proven right or wrong.)

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You want book covers? Here’s one.

Once again, the Orbit preliminary/catalog cover of my next book is getting a lot of attention in parts of the internet. On one level I’m glad; buzz is buzz, and prelim covers generate buzz — thanks, Aidan, for that! But on another level, it spoils a little of my pleasure in being able to debut the final product here when that time comes, since folks will already have an idea by then of what it’s going to look like. Kind of like trying to put the book itself out after people have read the outline — the perfectionist in me

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FAQ you, you FAQing FAQ!

As some of you may know, I started a new full time job recently. Yay, regular income and cheap health insurance! And the job itself is great so far, but since I’m still kind of a full time writer, time has just become my most valuable commodity. So to maximize my free time — so I can use it on writing, natch — I’ve decided to put together a Frequently Asked Questions. Much of the FAQ will refer back to questions I’ve already answered here, in posts and comments. I’m also going to tackle a few questions that I seem


Kindasorta Countdown

Just a reminder for all — in September, specifically September 28 according to Amazon, the mass market version of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms will go on sale. This is great, because it’s about a month before The Broken Kingdoms starts showing up in stores, so people who buy the mass market will be able to immediately indulge their urge to buy the second book — no waiting! But it also means, sadly, that the trade paperback version of 100K will probably disappear shortly afterward, because mass markets tend to kill more expensive versions. Just how the business works. But the

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