Belated Happy Birthday to me!

Folks on Twitter and FB knew this, but it occurred to me I hadn’t mentioned the b-day here on the homeblog. D’oh, Web 2.0fail.

Anyway, I partly forgot to mention it because it wasn’t a big deal. Like anyone who works in education, I generally write off the month of September for stuff like, oh, a social life, complex thought, or a full night’s sleep. So I generally celebrate my birthday in October sometime. And given that this October will see the publication of The Kingdom of Gods… well, there’s just all kinds of stuff I can do with that. More on that later.

In the meantime, though — feeling especially birthday-celebratory? Want to give me a present? I’m not especially materialistic and pretty much have what I need to get by — but I would absolutely love to go bestseller with book 3. That’s a shiny, shiny little present that I covet greatly. So any of the below would help towards that goal:

  • Go to your local library and request The Kingdom of Gods, next chance you get. Even in this age of budget cuts, libraries respond to requests; they’re likely to order more copies if there are enough.
  • Preorder! Preorder! (Or from your local indie bookstore!)
  • If you haven’t read The Broken Kingdoms yet, remember the mass market paperback is just now out. Perhaps you’d like to read it before book 3 comes out in a month? Perhaps you’ve got a friend who’d like to read it?
  • Along those lines, The Broken Kingdoms has maybe only about 1/3 as many reviews and crits out there as The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Like The Broken Kingdoms? Hate it? Tell somebody what you think, either way!
  • Just spread the word that The Kingdom of Gods will be out next month. Nothing builds anticipation like… er… well… anticipation. So anticipate! (Yeah, OK, see how coherent you are after a 14-hour day.)
  • If you know of influential book blogs and/or podcasts out there that would like a review copy of the book, send ’em Orbit’s way. I don’t know what criteria Orbit uses for inclusion on its list of reviewers, but if a venue has a reasonable chance of putting info about the book in front of several hundred eyeballs, then I can’t imagine they’d say no.

And thanks in advance! Aww, you shouldn’t have! You’re so sweet.

5 thoughts on “Belated Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Wiggling with excitement over this release. I have it preordered and am trying not to look at the calendar so when I open up my kindle and it’s waiting on my book list, I’ll be surprised by awesome.

  2. happy birthday! My library has the first two, so I just assumed they would be getting book 3, but I will now email anyway to make sure!

  3. My library has copies of the first two books and they’re ordering a couple copies of the third one. I’ve read the first two and I’m on the waiting list for the third! I see that my library’s Overdrive site has audiobook versions of your books; I wish there were e-book versions so that I could read them on my Nook. I really love the worlds and characters that you’ve created! Thank you so much!

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