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Well, now. Since my last quick question was so successful, and since I’m too busy for a lengthy post these days, thought I’d toss another one out. And this one is:

What do you think will happen in The Kingdom of Gods?

(Will probably repost this in six months when the book comes out, so I can cackle in Maniacal Author Glee as theories are proven right or wrong.)

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  1. Nahadoth will reconcile with, and forgive, Itempas.
    Nahadoth will also change gender (being a chaotic god(dess)), Itempas will impregnate her during the reconciliation, and she will give birth.
    Sian will get a baby sister.

  2. Oooh. Um. Because it’s the end of the series, the only real thought I’ve got is that it’ll be a lot of reconciliation with Itempas. Specifically between Sieh and Itempas, because you’ve said it’s Sieh’s POV. And because Yeine and Oree were so great in the previous two books, I optimistically think there will be another awesome female protagonist introduced.

  3. Since the first book was focused on Yeine and the second on Itempas, I had wondered whether this might be Nahadoth’s book. So I’m hoping to get more of his story, and I can’t wait to see how his perspective changes the story I already thought I knew. (That said, I see that other commentors know more than I do, and tell me this is Sieh’s book, so apparently I am already wrong! :-)

    I’d like to see reconciliation between Nahadoth and Itempas, though I don’t imagine it will come easily…

  4. As prior commenters have suggested, I think there’ll be a reconciliation between Nahadoth and Itempas, restoring the Three. That’s why I think it’ll probably be set quite a bit further into the future, because Itempas needs to atone properly. Also, with it being Sieh’s story, maybe he’ll be a catalyst of sorts.

    After Yeine and Oree I’m also confident there’ll be more great female characters. :)

  5. I hope I’m wrong because I love Sieh, but I think he will grow old and die, and only his death will force a reconciliation between the Three. I am also very curious what role Oree’s child will have in this? Perhaps she (I suspect the child is the she mentioned in the byline on the cover) will be the catalyst that will make Sieh’s demise the healing salve for them–or else it will be war again amongst the gods.

  6. I, hmm. I don’t think it will lead to the reconciliation of the Three, unless it’s set several thousand years in the future. Maybe show the gods dealing to Itempas civilly again without trying to strangle him. And Sieh, being the oldest “child” of the Three and the most betrayed besides Nahadoth and Enefa, as the first to take that step. Possibly he hooks up with Itempas’s descendant along the way, I dunno.

  7. Am I forbidden to take part in this one? Or have things radically changed since we discussed the outline? :D

  8. I don’t think Naha and Itempas will reconcile, though they might come to some sort of accord. I do think Sieh will father a child of his own, and in so doing, be forced to choose between losing power to raise that child with its mother, or to remain in his godly element and broker a peace between the other gods. Which might make for an interesting exploration of how the gods come by their elements: can they be changed or chosen, or are they innate and, unless deliberately diminished, irrevocable? Possibly Enefa might have another child if Sieh does not – a Sieh to replace Sieh, if he grows up; or the promise of such a child, should he leave his element, rather than have two new godlings in the same book.

    But I totally hope I’m wrong on all fronts – that way, I can expect to be utterly surprised :)

  9. I guess I echo most of the other posters that I expect some sort of reconciliation between Naha and Itempas. That said, one of the things I love about this series is I have no idea what is going to happen next – I never would have guessed at the events in Broken Kingdoms, so I won’t even try here. Just really looking forward to it!

  10. I’m expecting that the major female character will be Oree’s descendant in some shape or form. Thinking that making a connection with Oree’s descendant will help him reconnect with Sieh and possibly lay the ground work for reconciliation with Nahadoth.

  11. i suspect something will happen and it will be awesome ^.^ just like all the other books that are made outa awesome. they are all so awesome they could kill someone with their awesome (if any gets that reference i’m gonna laugh)
    well since reading some of these and guessing that it is in sieh’s perspective i get a feeling we may see more of the gods realm…or maybe they are hunting someone down or something >....<

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