Little busy for awhile…

Those of you who’ve friended me on Facebook have already seen this, but for everyone — yesterday the copyedit of The Kingdom of Gods arrived on my literal doorstep. In my building, UPS will sometimes take a chance and just drop the thing in front of a person’s door, in hopes that it won’t disappear. Usually it doesn’t, but it does usually suffer a little; someone had stepped on the thing, planting a nearly perfect footprint right in the middle of the envelope, by the time I got home. Such disrespect.

Manuscript of KoG for copyediting, with quiche

Anyway, what you can’t see — because I’m a terrible photographer — is that KoG is the longest book I’ve ever written, so that stack of paper is a good solid 6 inches deep. I have a little over a week to read it in meticulous detail, make sure I agree with the copyeditor’s changes, and get it back into Orbit’s hands. Doable — but only if I shut down all extraneous activities for a while. So I’m officially going on blog silence ’til it’s done. May see if I can find some guestbloggers, actually, but if not, don’t sweat it. I’ll be back later.

Oh, and the quiche was delicious.

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