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Quick Question: What constitutes “hype”?

See the subject line. I ask because I’m genuinely curious: what’s hype? What’s “too much hype”? At what point is there so much hype that you’ll refuse to read something (“overhype”)? When The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms first came out, I remember that the third review I saw complained about how much hype the book had received. I know this is a matter of perception and relativism. It’s entirely possible that the reviewer had been running in circles where everyone was talking about the book… but in my circles, no one was (at that time). And where did this hype come […]

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Another quick question

Well, now. Since my last quick question was so successful, and since I’m too busy for a lengthy post these days, thought I’d toss another one out. And this one is: What do you think will happen in The Kingdom of Gods? (Will probably repost this in six months when the book comes out, so I can cackle in Maniacal Author Glee as theories are proven right or wrong.)

Another quick question KEEP READING

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