Snippets 1: The Broken Kingdoms

Going to try something new now, as I lead up to the publication of The Kingdom of Gods (remember, kids: October 27th!). I’ll try to post these once a week or so. Like many authors, I make lots of false starts in the process of writing a novel. Some had legs, but just didn’t go far enough toward my goal; some were badly-written crap; some would have been beautiful — in a different novel. I tend to keep most of my significant text cuts, just because I’m a textual packrat and I’m always worried I might change my mind about […]

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FAQ you, you FAQing FAQ!

As some of you may know, I started a new full time job recently. Yay, regular income and cheap health insurance! And the job itself is great so far, but since I’m still kind of a full time writer, time has just become my most valuable commodity. So to maximize my free time — so I can use it on writing, natch — I’ve decided to put together a Frequently Asked Questions. Much of the FAQ will refer back to questions I’ve already answered here, in posts and comments. I’m also going to tackle a few questions that I seem


Characters of Color Fantasy Faceoff!

‘Ware spoilers! Hi folks! At lo this Wiscon past, the Con or Bust community held the first annual “Characters of Color Fantasy Faceoff”, a bracket-style popularity contest. Yeine, Sieh, and Itempas from The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms did well! In fact, at one point Sieh even beat Itempas, which I know would make our little trickster god very, very happy — SIEH: Damn straight it makes me happy.

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Character Study: Dekarta

I have to admit that Dekarta fascinates me. He’s probably the only truly religious character in the whole book, for one thing. This is a world where everyone believes in gods because hello? they’re right there in your face. (I’m wrestling with the idea of how an atheist would function in this world right now, in book 3.) But not everyone believes in the gods. Especially among the Arameri, understandably; it’s hard to feel reverence for beings you can order about and put on a leash. But Dekarta feels true faith toward all the gods, even the Enefadeh. In fact,

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Character Study: Yeine

Writers cannot live by fiction alone, and I need some mental breaks from working on Book 3, so it occurred to me that folks might be interested in learning more about the thought processes involved in creating and writing the characters from the Inheritance Trilogy. This will be a series; you’ll be able to find all of them under the category header “character study”. And naturally I figured I’d start with our girl Yeine. Cutting for spoilers!

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Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Open Chat Thread

OK, since the book has now been out for more than a week, I think it might be fun for me to create a space here where readers can chat with each other about the book’s characters or content. Spoilers will abound necessarily, and I’ll be keeping an eye on the thread to make sure things stay civil, but other than that I will be hands-off here. Want to speculate about future books of the trilogy? Rant about characters who should’ve gotten more story time, or characters you just want to hate? Rave about characters who surprised you in a

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Sexing Up Gods Pt. 2: SMITE as an STD

OK! Now that The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms has been out for a week, I can finally start to make some posts that include spoilers. These will be tagged “Spoilerrific” from here forth, and will be cut so that innocent eyes will not be sullied by the GIANT HONKING PLOT DETAILS FROM DEEP IN THE BOOK unless the really want to be sullied by them. So I repeat, if you have not finished The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, don’t click on the “continue reading” below! On the heels of my previous post, I had another thought on the topic of “sexing up”

Sexing Up Gods Pt. 2: SMITE as an STD KEEP READING

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