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I’ve been enjoying the hell out of my own books lately, thanks to Mark of Mark Reads/Watches/Does Stuff. I mentioned before that he’s been doing a read of the Inheritance Trilogy lately, and I’ve been following along. He’s at the penultimate chapter of the first book now, and… well, hell, just watch him: For bonus points, count the number of times he says, “FUCK!” or “THIS BOOK!” Let me tell you guys: it’s an unbelievable thrill for me as an author to watch someone react to my work like this. A good chunk of writing is trying to manipulate your […]

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I’m not even gonna lie, ya’ll. I want to win the Goodreads Choice Award for fantasy. I feel like I should maybe feel bad about wanting this, because I’m competing against such good writers; I’ve enjoyed and admired so many of the books on this list. And some of those writers are even friends! But my friends know full well how competitive I am, so… buds? Compadres? O Best Beloveds? Bring it, bitches. Of course, there’s a reason I’m full of pepper at the moment: a week of fantasmical reviews for The Broken Kingdoms, and even a few for the


LaunchElectionVacationreturnAwardnom Day!

Just got back from London last night! More on this later, when I’ve had time to recover from the jetlag and post photos, but it was a fantastic trip. However! I’ve come home to an inbox full of good news. First, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and The Broken Kingdoms have both been nominated for Romantic Times 2010 Reviewers’ Choice awards for best SF/F novels! I’m positively chuffed, as the folks across the pond would say. Also, this is Launch Week for The Broken Kingdoms! According to Amazon, it’s officially out in all English-language markets as of November 3 (Nov. 4

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Characters of Color Fantasy Faceoff!

‘Ware spoilers! Hi folks! At lo this Wiscon past, the Con or Bust community held the first annual “Characters of Color Fantasy Faceoff”, a bracket-style popularity contest. Yeine, Sieh, and Itempas from The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms did well! In fact, at one point Sieh even beat Itempas, which I know would make our little trickster god very, very happy — SIEH: Damn straight it makes me happy.

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The Million Voting Readers

(Hmm. Was going for the same rhythm as “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms”, but I think the post title needs more syllables for that.) I didn’t win a Nebula, but good things are still happening re my short stories. This time it’s the Million Writers Award, for which my story “Non-Zero Probabilities” is now one of the top ten picks for 2009! But wait, there’s more — one of my fellow Altered Fluidians is competing with me again! (Last time was Saladin Ahmed, for the Nebula.) This time it’s Alaya Dawn Johnson, who besides trying to steal my thunder has also

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Two, two, two interviews in one (post)

The blog tour goes to two places today, folks — first down to Nashville, where I’m in the author spotlight with the Nashville Examiner, where I got a little philosophical during the interview: So does Jemisin hope that her novel offers a specific message to the reader? “No. Honestly, I think that artists have a responsibility to write whatever is in their soul or head and then stop. Then, it’s up to the reader to draw whatever they want out of it. As far as I am concerned reading is the ultimate interactive experience. The writer gives the words, but

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Do we have BOOK SIGN? And contest!

Got the first report today from someone in the UK that The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms has been spotted on a Waterstones bookshelf!! I’m kind of shocked, because I thought the thing wasn’t even supposed to ship until Wednesday, but hey, who knew. Apparently only J. K. Rowling’s books get held off the shelves ’til the official release/pub date. (This may be the only time I ever say that I’m glad I’m not J. K. Rowling. Take a snapshot; won’t happen again.) Speaking of snapshots, and given that copies are starting to appear, I have a request: because I am a

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