Characters of Color Fantasy Faceoff!

‘Ware spoilers!

Hi folks! At lo this Wiscon past, the Con or Bust community held the first annual “Characters of Color Fantasy Faceoff”, a bracket-style popularity contest. Yeine, Sieh, and Itempas from The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms did well! In fact, at one point Sieh even beat Itempas, which I know would make our little trickster god very, very happy —

SIEH: Damn straight it makes me happy.

…Er. Yes. Well, anyway, none of my characters won, but like I said, all of them did well —

SIEH: Because he’s a dick, and he deserves it. In fact, I didn’t just beat him, I danced the macarena on his ass.

ITEMPAS: You did no such thing. ::lightning crackles in the distance::

::sweating:: Right! So, see, what’s important is that everybody from 100K put in a good showing! And frankly, never mind you gods, it was Yeine who did the best of all.

YEINE: I’m a god too, though.

Yeah, now, but throughout most of the book you weren’t.

YEINE: Do you have something against gods?

Um. No. Some of my best characters are gods.

YEINE: I wonder. I do seem to recall that you dressed as Zoe from Firefly for Halloween last year.

There are no photos of that in existence. You can’t prove it.

YEINE: I’m a figment of your imagination, Nora. I know.

SIEH: Even though it was a sucky costume, and nobody knew what the hells you were trying to do…

ITEMPAS: It is completely inappropriate for a 37-year-old woman to dress up for Halloween.

Quiet, you. Book 2 isn’t out, nobody knows you yet.

ITEMPAS: I am the god of order and light, you will not tell me —

You’re a figment of my imagination. And you got your ass kicked by a nine-year-old boy. STFU.


ITEMPAS: … ::the room grows very warm::

I’m turning on the AC now. On high.

YEINE: Well, look who’s getting a big head, now that she’s done with book 3.

Look, what are you complaining about? You almost won.

YEINE: Almost isn’t good enough. You’re going to have to work harder and make us more popular.

Than Firefly? Wait, seriously, you expect me to somehow beat Joss Whedon? What the hell are you smoking?

YEINE: We don’t have pot in this world. You didn’t write that in. And remember that we have many hells, not just one.

Oh. Right.

YEINE: Get your continuities straight.

Wait a minute —

ITEMPAS: If she dedicates herself to making us more popular, she will succeed. But she would rather make excuses. ::sigh:: I rue the day I was ever conceived in such a disorderly mind.

I know where the “Delete” key is, yanno —

SIEH: Yeah, whatever, the books are done now, you’re not deleting any of us. Look, guys, let’s get outta here. We got stuff to smite. ::vanishes::

ITEMPAS: ::vanishes, still ruefully shaking head::

YEINE: You brought this on yourself, you know. ::vanishes::

Yeah, so, go check out the Faceoff. I’m gonna go get a drink. ::walks off, muttering::

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  1. Not to be a dork, but you might want to stick a spoiler warning on this one for folks who’ve come to your blog haven’t yet read HTK…

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  3. Oh my god, reading this made me SO HAPPY. I love it when characters do that! And it makes me feel less crazy when I do it if I see others doing it. Love to your children.

  4. Hello, I have a question, & I don’t know where to ask it but here: Would you happen to be the same Nora Jemisin who wrote the Dragon Ball Z fan fiction “The Last Warrior” years ago?

  5. For an off-topic question, you could always email me. My address is noted in the “About” section.

  6. I just finished reading The Hundread Thousand Kingdoms–in one sitting! I LOVED it! From what I read above, you’ve finished book 3? When do it and book 2 come out? I’m dying to contine the saga!

  7. I just finished reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms–in one sitting! I LOVED it! From what I read above, you’ve finished book 3? When do it and book 2 come out? I’m dying to finish the saga!

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