How an author feels upon receiving her page proofs

Please excuse my messy kitchen and crap film production skills. Slightly intimidating. On the other hand, I love this stage of the book production process. I probably shouldn’t, because at this point I’ve read the novel what feels like ninety times… but I do. This is the point where that year of sweat and harsh language starts to feel like a book. A really, really, really big, book. Whew.

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The Inheritance Trilogy: The Roleplaying Game?

Now, don’t get all excited. Nobody’s offered or expressed any interest whatsoever in creating a game out of the Inheritance Trilogy. It’s just that a fan mentioned the idea on Twitter, and it intrigued me, so I’m bringing the question here: How would an RPG based on the Inheritance Trilogy work? For now, let’s go with tabletop RPGs rather than a video game. Not that the idea of a Squeenix or Atlus take on 100K wouldn’t thrill me — ohholycrapyesitwould — but there’s so many ways for games like that to be formulated. Tabletops, though, are a little more strict.

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Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow USians, both those of you who celebrate its intended spirit and those who regard it as the PR campaign that it is, and also those of you who think of it as National Football & Food Coma Day. Personally I regard it as a day to polish up my cooking skills and test various experiments on hapless guinea pigs friends and family members who dare to eat the results. Already mentioned on Twitter that I would be making rosemary-crusted standing rib roast as the main dish; I’m not a fan of turkey, so when I



So, last week was Launch Week, culminating in the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego. I flew out there on Thursday, came back yesterday on a redeye, and will probably be feeling the aftereffects for many, many days. Because I had a little party, while I was there: The SLEEPOVER OF THE GODS (it’s supposed to be capitalized; imagine it in a Movie Announcer Voice) party was a hit and a blast. In keeping with its theme of slightly warped childhood (to honor our God of Childhood Sieh, protag of The Kingdom of Gods), guests were invited to wear pajamas


Stuff you should read while you wait

Dear US Readers: I’m sorry. For whatever reason, the UK/Commonwealth version of The Kingdom of Gods released a good 3 weeks ahead of the US release date. So now you’ve had to endure the British-accent-inflected “Nyaa nyaa”s of your across-the-pond brothers and sisters. You’ve had to duck and dodge like Grant Hill in the playoffs to avoid spoilers. You’ve… had to… ::deep sigh:: …wait. This was not my decision, although it works well for me by building buzz ahead of the US launch. But I’m not gloating or anything! So please, stop yelling at me. I’m sorry! To distract you

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Party planning

I’m having a party at World Fantasy this year, because The Kingdom of Gods launches that very weekend. Got a suite already reserved, planning a theme — a slumber/pajama party, since that’s something Sieh would love — and ordering party favors. I’m going to have badge ribbons, among other things, so that people who come to the party can add it to their con badges. (If you’ll be at WFC, come! And bring your jammies!) So what should go on the badge ribbons? (Or other marketing swag I might do?) [poll id=”2″] ETA: ARGH. The poll isn’t working. Sorry folks;

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My secret is out

Yes, it’s true. ::weeping:: I’m not the author of the Inheritance Trilogy. I stole the idea… from… from her! All-Purpose Cultural Cat NukuNuku! Since her full name is unpronounceable by human vocal apparati and impossible to render in any printed language — plus really long — for legal purposes she requires me to act as her interlocutor. I knew I should’ve acknowledged her as the real writer from the beginning, but… but… the temptation was just too great. The riches… the fame… it all just got to me! But now, at the close of the year in which my first

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TV Tropes!

The TV Tropes site is both magnificent entertainment and my nemesis. I love reading it, and can get lost in there for hours — usually when I’m supposed to be writing. In fact I had to put it into my “Writing Time” set of LeechBlocked links, because it tests my self-control too much otherwise. So imagine my utter delight at getting a notice from the TV Tropes folks about this! TV Tropes is a wiki, so please feel free to go in there and add to the Inheritance Trilogy’s page, connect it to other entries, etc. I can’t wait to


Not an April Fool’s Joke

I started to make a joke about scrapping book 3 in its current form and writing it over from the perspective of Zombie Scimina, who’s been cursed by Nahadoth to walk the earth like Caine looking for braaaains, which would allow me to take advantage of the new popularity of zombie fiction and improbable mashups… but that wasn’t funny. Anyway, the serious news is, Clarkesworld Magazine has posted an interview with me, in which I talk about The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, “Non-Zero Probabilities”, and rejectomancy. A taste: The world of the Inheritance trilogy, you’ve mentioned elsewhere, began with images. What

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