My secret is out

Yes, it’s true. ::weeping:: I’m not the author of the Inheritance Trilogy. I stole the idea… from… from her! All-Purpose Cultural Cat NukuNuku!

the author in repose
She likes Massive Attack, as you can see.

Since her full name is unpronounceable by human vocal apparati and impossible to render in any printed language — plus really long — for legal purposes she requires me to act as her interlocutor. I knew I should’ve acknowledged her as the real writer from the beginning, but… but… the temptation was just too great. The riches… the fame… it all just got to me! But now, at the close of the year in which my first two novels were published, I feel morally compelled to come clean.

Fortunately, she’s the forgiving sort, especially since she got the good catnip for Christmas. So for the time being we’ve agreed that “N. K. Jemisin” will continue to accept byline credit… but now you know the truth.

I’m sorry, everyone. I know you’re disappointed in me. ::weeps more:: Please find it in your hearts to forgive me!

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