Not an April Fool’s Joke

I started to make a joke about scrapping book 3 in its current form and writing it over from the perspective of Zombie Scimina, who’s been cursed by Nahadoth to walk the earth like Caine looking for braaaains, which would allow me to take advantage of the new popularity of zombie fiction and improbable mashups… but that wasn’t funny.

Anyway, the serious news is, Clarkesworld Magazine has posted an interview with me, in which I talk about The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, “Non-Zero Probabilities”, and rejectomancy. A taste:

The world of the Inheritance trilogy, you’ve mentioned elsewhere, began with images. What were those images and how did you develop them into a world?

Well, I smoked a lot of crack — Wait, did I say that? Let me start over.

As you can see, I had fun with this one.

And speaking of fun, which are you?! Team Cake, or Team Pie!???!!1! Vote now! (Red Velvet) CAKE OR DEATH!!!

5 thoughts on “Not an April Fool’s Joke”

  1. It’s not really an April Fool’s Joke if you already did it, right???

    As for cake and pie – do I have to choose?

  2. I think that would do very well for Book four. (Is not about to give up Sieh book for anything.)

    BTW- who is this Caine who walks the earth? Kaori Yuki’s Count? Cause Abel’s brother was e-less.

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