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I’m having a party at World Fantasy this year, because The Kingdom of Gods launches that very weekend. Got a suite already reserved, planning a theme — a slumber/pajama party, since that’s something Sieh would love — and ordering party favors. I’m going to have badge ribbons, among other things, so that people who come to the party can add it to their con badges. (If you’ll be at WFC, come! And bring your jammies!)

So what should go on the badge ribbons? (Or other marketing swag I might do?)

[poll id=”2″]

ETA: ARGH. The poll isn’t working. Sorry folks; this is my first time using this plugin, and obviously it doesn’t work. Maybe I did something wrong. Just give your choices in the comments; I’ll do the math myself!

17 thoughts on “Party planning”

  1. Poll not responding for me either, so it’s these for me:

    1. I do what feels good.
    2. Planets make great toys.
    3. Gods rule. No, really; GODS RULE.

    Have fun at the party! :D wish I could be there!

  2. My favourites:

    1. Planets make great toys.
    2. Gods rule. No, really; GODS RULE.
    3. There’s nothing more dangerous than a bored child.

    Not an option but this sprung to mind: “I play with planets” or something to mix the self-referentialness (new word) of the “I’ve been a good…” ones with the planets one. Just a thought though :-)

  3. There’s nothing more dangerous than a bored child.
    Planets make great toys.
    I <3 humans.

    I would have voted for "I've never been a good girl/boy", but that would have taken up two votes, and the one I was umming and uhing about was 'I <3 humans'. Need…more….votes!!

  4. I like ‘I’m partial to brats’ but when I thought about guys wearing a ribbon attached to their con badge saying that… it could be taken in a very bad way. I like ‘There’s nothing more dangerous than a bored child’, but I suspect it’s a bit long. So my vote goes to:

    ‘Planets make great toys’, because it’ll invite questions.

  5. Planets make great toys. (Or perhaps, ‘Planets are my playthings’?)

    It makes me think of the Monster Magnet album Dopes to Infinity.

  6. I love the slogans – even though there are no ribbons allowed on badges for World Fantasy, as a rule. Fun for the party though – I loved the books, so will be attending.

  7. There’s nothing more dangerous than a bored child.
    I’ve never been a good girl/boy.
    Planets make great toys.

  8. There’s nothing more dangerous than a bored child. That’s the one that sounds like it would be on a movie poster. Planets make great toys isn’t bad either.

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