Two, two, two interviews in one (post)

The blog tour goes to two places today, folks — first down to Nashville, where I’m in the author spotlight with the Nashville Examiner, where I got a little philosophical during the interview:

So does Jemisin hope that her novel offers a specific message to the reader? “No. Honestly, I think that artists have a responsibility to write whatever is in their soul or head and then stop. Then, it’s up to the reader to draw whatever they want out of it. As far as I am concerned reading is the ultimate interactive experience. The writer gives the words, but there is only so far you can go from there. The reader has to engage with their own understanding and background. I write purely for myself. I write because there are images and voices and characters in my head and I want to get them out. I do it for my own entertainment, and I don’t expect my readers to see the same things.”

Then we shift over to Number One Novels, a site that focuses on debut authors, where they’ve done an interview with me paired with a giveaway contest! (You’ve got ’til the end of the week, note!) I usually try to say something different in every interview, even if it’s the same question I’ve answered in other interviews. Dunno how well I succeeded, but check it out:

NON: I think that names say a lot about a person, especially a fictional person. How did you decide on your protagonist’s full name? Did you have any other names that were in the running?

NKJ: Actually, I usually just pick random sounds! (Gotta love writing fantasy…)

…Not sure what that says about me, actually, but let’s just not think about that, okay?

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