It’s February 22nd. Do you know what that means?

That’s right. It’s launch week! In three days The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms will be officially published. It seems weird to say that, given all the reviews and interviews and such, and the fact that lots of people have gotten their preorders, etc., delivered early. But I can tell you honestly that I’ve been stopping into bookstores all over New York City, hoping for the atavistic thrill of finally seeing

a book, with my name on it, on a bookstore shelf

but I haven’t found it anywhere. Because officially, it’s not out, and some bookstores actually, I don’t know, follow instructions or something. Go figure.

But all this changes on Thursday. On Thursday, I officially become a Published Author. And The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms will be available on bookstore shelves everywhere. In the English-speaking world, anyway. Dunno when the German, French, or Polish editions are coming out. (Oh, yeah, and the book has sold to a Polish publisher! More on that later.)

Anyway, people have said to me, “Nora, I like your book! I would like to spread the joy that is

a book, with your name on it, not necessarily on a bookstore shelf

…so how can I help?” Well, here are some suggestions!

  1. Buy the book.* (Please. Mama’s got student loans to pay.)
  2. Read the book. (This is kind of necessary for the next step.)
  3. If you like the book, tell everyone you know. This includes everyone on Goodreads, Library Thing, and all the retail bookseller sites, especially if they let you post reviews. (The Amazon “post your own review” feature is active now, BTW.)
  4. Under the category of “tell everyone you know”, blog about the book. You’d be surprised at how useful word-of-mouth is to authors.
  5. *If you cannot afford the book, that’s OK. Put in a request for it at your local library. Readers often think this won’t help authors, but it does! The more requests a library receives for a given book, the more likely that library is to order more copies of the book. More copies = sales for me, and you get to read it for free. Everyone wins! (Then please tell everyone about the book, blog about it, etc.)

Don’t forget, BTW, that I’m running a contest for people to send silly photos of themselves with the book. Contest ends February 25th! You could win an advance copy of book 2 of the Inheritance Trilogy, The Broken Kingdoms!

15 thoughts on “It’s February 22nd. Do you know what that means?”

  1. I was actually happy to see that Amazon shipped my pre-order to me and I got it on the 15th.
    Now I just need to finish the pending reading stack so I can enjoy it.

  2. Hmmm…I wonder if you have tried getting on your local News Station to promote your book via a human interest story. I have read parts of your book and its pretty good. A really good promotional push can do wonders for your sales. Good luck!

  3. New York is as likely to be impressed by Yet Another Debut Novelist as they are by Yet Another Actor and Yet Another [insert artist], which is to say, not much. But I was going to try and reach out to a couple of smaller papers, just to see. =)

  4. I’ve seen it! It’s actually on the “new release” table at my Barnes and Noble (Kingston, NY). What a beautiful cover!

  5. Its weird that I managed to pick it up on the 6th over here in Australia. Maybe?

    But happy launch anyway!

  6. Nora, I picked up my copy at B&N tonight, so if we get snowed in tomorrow (here in New Jersey), I can snuggle up with a big quilt, a cup of tea, and The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.

    It’s been a long time since Viable Paradise. Congratulations on the book!


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