Do we have BOOK SIGN? And contest!

Got the first report today from someone in the UK that The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms has been spotted on a Waterstones bookshelf!! I’m kind of shocked, because I thought the thing wasn’t even supposed to ship until Wednesday, but hey, who knew. Apparently only J. K. Rowling’s books get held off the shelves ’til the official release/pub date. (This may be the only time I ever say that I’m glad I’m not J. K. Rowling. Take a snapshot; won’t happen again.)

Speaking of snapshots, and given that copies are starting to appear, I have a request: because I am a giddy silly baby author who is still shocked and amazed to see something with her name on it on a bookstore shelf, I would like to experience this joy again and again! So, for those of you who are feeling giddy and silly like me, please send me any photos you take of yourself buying my book in a bookstore. Not to discriminate against the online buyers! Feel free to take a photo of yourself opening the box from [insert online seller]. Bonus points if your photo shows you acting giddy and silly in the process! (I’ll be posting these on my website, so please be sure you’re OK with that before you send it.) In fact, the person who sends me the silliest photo by February 25th will receive another copy from me by mail, autographed, free! Give the spare copy to a friend; then they too can share the joy.


ETA: Occurs to me that offering another copy of 100K might not work for everyone, so here’s an alternative — the prize will be either an autographed copy of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, or an ARC of The Broken Kingdoms when they become available. Winner’s choice. Cool?

6 thoughts on “Do we have BOOK SIGN? And contest!”

  1. Hi,
    I went out to buy your book, at Borders, first. This is what they had to say:
    It’s not out until the 28th. I said No, it was put out on the 3rd. Borders: oh, that’s the hardcover. Me: okay, where is it? Them: oh, we aren’t going to carry the hardcover. Me: I guess I’m not buying from Borders then. I only buy hardcovers, unless it’s not OUT in hardcover.

    So, I went to Barnes and Noble.. They had it in hardcover.. except: IT WAS SOLD OUT. Congratulations! They had more on order, but I can order from so I’m placing an order today for it..

    I’ve started your sample chapters, love the story, and the world building is very interesting; your writing is also INTRIGUING… I like the way you lead me on, just a little ;)

    Anyway, thought you’d like to hear a story from a new fan.


  2. Hi Meran,

    It’s not out in hardcover at all, so it’s a bit weird that they would say so. O.o There’s only trade paperback, and while that’s released on the 3rd (meaning it might show up on shelves if the bookstore has received it from the printer), it isn’t officially out ’til the 25th. So really, it could show up anytime between those two dates.

    But yay for selling out!

    And sorry it’s not in hardcover! But if the book sells well enough, maybe my publisher will decide to re-release it in that form. =)

  3. Oh. :(
    Is it because you’re still ‘new’? I doubt you’ll be in that category long.. lol
    Really. I’m an easy reader, I guess (I read a lot, and all genres, fiction and nonfiction ~except romances); however, I’m very very picky. Your style is clean and interesting; makes me want to know those characters better.
    And I guess if I ~have to, then I’ll order that TPB… darn it.
    I’ll be watching your blog, now that I know about you and that one exists, and when the hardcovers come out, I’ll be there with money in hand..

    oh, and I recommend books for a few online friends. Don’t be too surprised if they start buying too.. some are in New Zealand! And she is big on reviews on her own blog (I’m a bit sporadic). She liked the last one I recommended, so she’ll probably pop out and get yours too! (not sure if she libraries her reads or buys, come to think of it..) Is it ‘out’ in NZ?
    ps. have never been to NYC. I grew up in a fairly large midwestern city; I have a tendency to like the small places because of that.. :D

  4. I must be blind or more technologically challenged than normal, because I can’t find your e-mail adress ;-)
    Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely loved the book. Especially your writing style amazed me.

  5. Hi Monika,

    I see all the comments posted to my site, so I thought it might be redundant to have an email addy. (Though I also thought it was somewhere on the site… I’ll think about inserting it somewhere intuitive.) Anyway, thanks, and glad you loved it!

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