Blog Tour: Valhalla! And a welcome smuggling job.

A bit of linkspam today. Randolph Carter of Grinding to Valhalla, a gaming blog, somehow heard that I was a gamer and asked me for an interview awhile back. He’s posted it today, and I forgot how much fun I had with it! An excerpt:

You wake up to a world where The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms has been made into a video game. Which character would you play and why?

Oooh, fun. =) Well, I don’t know if this means anything without people having read the book, but I think I would play Sieh. Sieh is the god of childhood — he’s literally aeons old, older than the planet, but he looks like a ten-year-old. His powers derive from his ability to maintain a childish persona at all times; he literally has to have fun, or he grows weak. Something about that really appeals to me, as a thirtysomething adult with grownup concerns. I like his attitude.

Also, I have had a bad day today. No major tragedies, just a series of unfortunate events, including being roisted out of bed this a.m. when someone in my building started a grease fire (no major damage, not even much smoke, but they evac’d the building just to be on the safe side), and finding a dead spider in my granola-and-yogurt. (Yeah, yeah, I’ve already heard “hey, at least it wasn’t half a spider”.) But seeing this heartfelt review over at The Book Smugglers really brightened my day:

All the different layers of the novel intertwine to a very satisfactory self-contained ending. And when I closed this book, I realised that the author did something to me, broke my mind open and torn out my heart several times throughout the book, but in the end I knew exactly who I am. A fan.

A fan!!! ::squee::

Also, false alarm: I’d thought the customer review feature had become active on the 100K Amazon page (yeah, there still is one, for now). But no, looks like only Brent Weeks gets to post reviews, for now. ‘Cause he’s special, I guess. But he gave me a great review, so I’m happy. Thanks, Brent!

7 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Valhalla! And a welcome smuggling job.”

  1. After reading a description of your book I was already sold on it and preordered it immediately. But now that I find you’re an SMT fan? If I wasn’t already sold, I’d be sold just because of that. (cheers for SMT fans)

  2. I’ve been interested in your book since stumbling in here from Kate Elliott’s blog. I’ve been looking forward to picking it up sometime this month. Plus all the nice reviews, and Brent’s, have gotten me really excited for it.

    Im also a big fan of console RPG’s, hopefully I wont get to caught up with them to read :P.

  3. I am an SMT proselytizer; I’m out to convert everyone I know to the glory that is SMT and all affiliated games. Glad to see a fellow fan!

  4. Hey, if I can resist the siren song of Persona 4 long enough to write it, you can resist your console long enough to read what I wrote. ^_-

  5. Just found your blog today…am very intrigued by your writing! I have a Borders coupon and think I’m going looking for your book :)
    however, is it only in pb? I much prefer hardcover… And once I’ve read it, could I mail it to you to sign? (I do plan on staging a photo tho, lol)

  6. Nope, it’s not coming out in hardcover, sorry. Only trade paperback (and later mass market) for now. That’s the publisher’s decision, not mine, but I’m actually kind of glad for it as hardcovers usually cost over $20 and most people won’t pay that kind of money for a newbie author. =)

    As for mailing it to me to sign — I think I need to think about that a little, because I don’t have a PO Box and I’m not fond of giving my home address to folks I don’t know. =) But I’ve been contacted by a guy from The Signed Page, and have agreed to sign some copies for him that will be available there; I’m not entirely sure how it all works but I’ll let you know when they’re available there, if that works better for you.

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