The Million Voting Readers

(Hmm. Was going for the same rhythm as “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms”, but I think the post title needs more syllables for that.)

I didn’t win a Nebula, but good things are still happening re my short stories. This time it’s the Million Writers Award, for which my story “Non-Zero Probabilities” is now one of the top ten picks for 2009! But wait, there’s more — one of my fellow Altered Fluidians is competing with me again! (Last time was Saladin Ahmed, for the Nebula.) This time it’s Alaya Dawn Johnson, who besides trying to steal my thunder has also recently published a shiny new vampire novel set in the 1920s. How’s this for a tagline: vampire flappers! I haven’t read it yet — novel writing — but I can’t wait. Anyway, one of her stories is up for the Million Writers too.

It’s an honor to be in the top ten, but you know me by now — I always go for number one. So! The Million Writers winner is judged by public vote, which began a couple of days ago and will continue through the end of May. I’m not interested in a popularity contest, though, so here’s all I ask: go to the StorySouth page, read the ten entries, and vote for the one you like best. That might be me, or Alaya, or someone else entirely. I don’t care who you vote for — just vote! That way if I win, I’ll know I did it honestly. (And then I can crow at Alaya in good conscience.)

(Of course, if she wins, I’ll have to eat this blog post. Oh, well. I’ll do that in good conscience too, because she’s a kickass writer.)

Remember, you now have 11 days!

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