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I don’t like to announce deals until they’re set in stone — i.e., I’ve signed the contract or otherwise have everything in writing. So I’ve actually been sitting on this news for over a month, because that’s how long contracts take in the publishing world (usually longer, especially internationally). But anyway —

Polish rights for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms have sold to — apologies if I leave out some accents and agraves, don’t have time to look up the HTML, and there are a lot of them — Wydawnictwo Papierowy Ksiezyc S. C., R. Szymanski, A. Wroblewski. (I think that’s the name, anyway…) They’ll be publishing only the first book for now, though I imagine they might be interested in The Broken Kingdoms if the first book sells well over there. So Polish readers, rejoice! And buy.

Also, I haven’t seen the contract for this yet, but it’s up on Barnes and Noble, so I guess that counts as “in writing”. Audio rights to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms have sold to Brilliance Audio. No word yet on who’ll be doing the reading/voices or any of that, but I note that it’s scheduled for release in September of this year, so I imagine they’re recording it as we speak! I can’t wait to hear it; I love hearing my stuff done in audio.

Speaking of which, in case I forgot to mention it, Escape Pod will be running “Non-Zero Probabilities” as part of its Hugo-nominee series. Since the story was already podcast beautifully over at Clarkesworld, the EP folks will just be re-running that same version for their listeners. It should be an interesting experiment in cross-market promotion — and I hope it works, because I think the EP listeners will like Clarkesworld, if they aren’t reading it already, and vice versa, if the CW listeners aren’t tuning into EP already. Either way, I’m happy.

Got one more set of foreign-language rights to anuncio (::cough::), but that one I haven’t seen the contract on, so it’ll have to wait hasta luego.

(Wow, I feel like I do nothing but talk about myself here these days. Sorry about that, folks — I’m so busy with book 3 that I don’t have time to write thinkyposts or comment on stuff that happens around the ‘net. As soon as book 3 is done, I’ll be more interesting, I promise.)

8 thoughts on “It’s official…”

  1. Awesome news on the audio sales. I poked john a brilliance about it right after I finidhed 100k kingdoms. I don’t take credit for it but I will feel glad it’s one of his projects and lookforward to hearing it as soon as I can.

  2. Incidentally, another form of fandom has saluted you… there’s a Hundred Thousand Kingdoms prompt (well, at least one) up on the springkink lj community. :)

    The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms – Enefa/Yeine – mindfuck – “I won’t lay down to die” (from both of them)

    (It’s for July 4th – the July list of prompts has just this minute started going up, and I’m busy reading through them.)

  3. Hee! I can’t look at it ’til I’m thoroughly done with the trilogy, but still — that’s so cool!

  4. Hey, cool, then maybe you should take credit for it. I met John myself at WFC last year, but the book wasn’t out at that time, so that nudge might have made the difference. Thanks!

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