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Just a reminder for all — in September, specifically September 28 according to Amazon, the mass market version of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms will go on sale. This is great, because it’s about a month before The Broken Kingdoms starts showing up in stores, so people who buy the mass market will be able to immediately indulge their urge to buy the second book — no waiting! But it also means, sadly, that the trade paperback version of 100K will probably disappear shortly afterward, because mass markets tend to kill more expensive versions. Just how the business works.

But the trade paperback of 100K is near and dear to my heart, because (obviously) it’s my First Published Book. And it’s so lovely — the matte-textured cover (US version) with its gorgeous colors, the soft feel of the paper. I freely admit that no matter how convenient it becomes to download ebooks, I may never give up physical books fully, because I just love the sheer aesthetic/tactile pleasure of them. I even sniff the pages; it’s kinda creepy. (Wait, no, I’m a Published Author now. It’s not creepy; it’s eccentric.)

So anyway, if you feel the same, keep in mind that the next couple of months will pretty much be your last chance to buy the trade paperback. Of course I don’t mind if you’d rather wait for the mm — sales are sales* — but for those of you who do share that purely tactile thrill of opening a nice fat book, just wanted to give you fair warning.

Also, I will be releasing the first three chapters of The Broken Kingdoms as I did with 100K — chapter 1 in September, chapter 2 in October, and chapter 3 in November (the month it goes on sale). I waffled a bit about this because BrokeKing doesn’t have the same kind of rapid hook as 100K did; it takes a little longer to get going, and I’m not sure readers can get as good a feel for the story with just 3 chapters. But what the heck; let’s try it anyway.

Super-advance warning: I will be in London in late October! Doing some events there to help promote book 2, plus just taking a much-needed vaycay. More on this later, for the London peeps. For everybody else, I’m already planning a contest for book 2’s launch week. The grand prize will a chance for one lucky reader to peruse the (draft) manuscript of book 3, The Kingdom of Gods!

Ah, autumn. My favorite season.

* Though if you’re really concerned, I get a slightly-higher percentage of royalties from sales of the trade paperback than I do from the mass market. And while sales are sales, sales sooner are always better than sales later, for most authors these days. But no pressure.

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  1. I just finished reading “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” the other day. I loved it! I have plans to buy the book in September (I borrowed the copy I read from the library) and hopefully, I can/will buy “The Broken Kingdoms” too. Please keep writing. You are my newest inspiration.

  2. I look forward to reading Book Two, of course!

    By the way, I can’t quite easily find your events schedule (I may be missing something) — are you going to be at WorldCon this year, in Melbourne?

  3. No, couldn’t afford a trip to Australia at this point in time. :( I’m hoping that not going will put me in some kind of cosmic debt that the universe must repay with a HUGO AWARD!!! …Or maybe just a free ticket to Australia sometime. :)

  4. I’m a big fan of trade paperbacks in general, and 100K in particular – it’s got a nice heft, but the texture of the cover makes it easy to hold, and there’s something oddly soothing about the amber-fire colors of the design. Yes, I’m a bit creepy about books too (but come on, did you ever smell a book that you had when you were a child? Instant flashback!).

    How would you feel about seeing 100K in hardcover, if it ever came to that? Me, I think hardcovers are a bit too clunky and non-portable, which is why I find trades to be a nice middle ground.

  5. Hi hi,

    I’m reading through 100K for the second time and I just had to share with you that it’s actually somehow better, *more* satisfying, to read back through Yeine’s voice and her story thread now that I know what’s going to happen.

    Well done – there are few authors who’ve been able to manage that for me, so I thank you for being awesome, and I look forward to BK in the fall!

  6. I really enjoyed the first book and am anxiously awaiting the next. Please do confirm the location of the events in London as I would love to get a signed copy of your book!

    Many thanks, F

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