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The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms: Cliff’s Notes version

Hey, readers! Has it been too long (a whole six months!) since you read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms? Have you forgotten all its little plotty bits and pieces, but don’t have time to go back and re-read before you tackle The Broken Kingdoms? Well have no fear! I’m here to help. Here you may download […]

LaunchElectionVacationreturnAwardnom Day!

Just got back from London last night! More on this later, when I’ve had time to recover from the jetlag and post photos, but it was a fantastic trip. However! I’ve come home to an inbox full of good news. First, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and The Broken Kingdoms have both been nominated for Romantic […]

Brooklyn Book Festival this Sunday!

FYI to all NYC-area peeps: I will be appearing as part of the Brooklyn Book Festival this weekend! I’m super-excited about this, as I’ve been attending the BKBF as a book lover for the last few years. Haven’t been? You should come! The BKBF is a day-long carnival of speakers, booths, entertainment events, and fun […]

Wibble Weekend

As most of you have guessed, I am not in Australia this weekend, at Worldcon. I’d like to be, but alas — couldn’t swing it this year. This is despite the fact that one of my short stories, “Non-Zero Probabilities”, is up for a Hugo. I’m kind of on tenterhooks, waiting to see whether I […]

Reminder: io9 Book Club starts today!

Looking for a new place to rave/bash/squee/contemplate over The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms? Then hie thee over to io9, where they’re discussing the book this week as part of their August Book Club! I’ll be joining in on Friday, for questions, hint-dropping about The Broken Kingdoms, and so forth. But in the meantime, talk amongst yourselves!

Kindasorta Countdown

Just a reminder for all — in September, specifically September 28 according to Amazon, the mass market version of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms will go on sale. This is great, because it’s about a month before The Broken Kingdoms starts showing up in stores, so people who buy the mass market will be able to […]

100K in the io9 Book Club!

If you missed my Tweet about it a few weeks back, here’s the update from the folks at io9 itself — they’re going to be focusing on The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms for their August book club. Details of how to participate are over there, but basically — read the book if you haven’t read it, […]

Now THAT’S fan appreciation!

Just got directed toward this gorgeous piece of jewelry inspired by The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, made by “Queen of the Cat People”. Its title is “The Death of Enefa”. And say, that’s a familiar well-read book underneath (click to big up)… Want to see closer-up? Oooh, is that a white knife? And drops of blood? […]

German News

Couple of announcements. First, for those readers who live in Germany, the German version of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms — Die Erbin Der Welt — is available now from Blanvalet! To that end, the publisher has generously offered to do a giveaway of 5 copies via Darkstar Fantasy News, a German review/fan site. These folks […]

Characters of Color Fantasy Faceoff!

‘Ware spoilers! Hi folks! At lo this Wiscon past, the Con or Bust community held the first annual “Characters of Color Fantasy Faceoff”, a bracket-style popularity contest. Yeine, Sieh, and Itempas from The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms did well! In fact, at one point Sieh even beat Itempas, which I know would make our little trickster […]