Now THAT’S fan appreciation!

Just got directed toward this gorgeous piece of jewelry inspired by The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, made by “Queen of the Cat People”. Its title is “The Death of Enefa”. And say, that’s a familiar well-read book underneath (click to big up)…

Necklace on viewing stand, sitting atop a copy of 100K

Want to see closer-up? Oooh, is that a white knife? And drops of blood?

Close-up of pendant of necklace: several small dark red jewels pierced by a silvery sword

Holy crap, this is beautiful. Many thanks to the artist for sharing such a lovely piece!

Want it? You can go bid for it now as part of a fundraising auction to benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center! They’ve got other great stuff up for bid too, so be sure to check it out.

6 thoughts on “Now THAT’S fan appreciation!”

  1. Aw, that’s really cool! The closest thing I’ve experienced was one fan of a band I was in (that was named, in a punny way, after a Korean coffeeshop) made a bunch of little ceramic coffee cup medallions with the band’s name and one of our logos on the side. She gave a couple to each band member, and I imagine she made extra to hawk to fans. They were cute, and I still have one around. Yeah, fan art rocks!

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