Gone Fishin’

…well, not really. Actually, I’m in the process of moving to a new apartment this week, so I’m pretty busy. But in addition to that, I’m going to be guest-blogging for the next few weeks over at SF writer John Scalzi’s Whatever. I’m not very good at blog multitasking — as those of you who read the Magic District might have noticed — so I might be a little quiet here ’til I’m done there. That’s OK, though; you’re welcome to read me there too. There’s three other people guestblogging with me, and I think all four of us are going to be coming up with some really interesting posts. So check us out!

1 thought on “Gone Fishin’”

  1. Hi, I just finished reading The hundred thousand kingdoms and I so look forward to the second book.
    I think you are a very good story teller and I really liked your narrative in first person singular.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful summer.

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