My name in lights

…well, not quite, but on the cover of Locus‘ August 2010 issue, at least:

August 2010 Locus cover

There’s a nifty interview with me in the back of the issue, too! For those of you who don’t know, Locus is the industry news magazine for the science fiction/fantasy field — think of it as the Forbes of the geek set. So it’s Big Stuff to get this interview; seriously squee-worthy.

There’s other good stuff in the issue too, including an interview with Pat Rothfuss and a kickass review of buddy Alaya Dawn Johnson’s unique epic fantasy “Spirit Binders” trilogy (highly recommended). So if you can, grab a copy of Locus from your local bookstore or SF/F convention, and check it all out!

5 thoughts on “My name in lights”

  1. I read The Hundred Thousand Kingdom this weekend and LOVED it! Couldn’t put it down. I just reccomended it to my online writing buddies this morning. I discovered another writer a couple of months ago, the veteran SciFi writer Lois McMaster Bujold. In many ways, your book reminds me of the palace intrigue, culture clash, romance, and pure adventure of her books. My only compaint: you’ve only got the one book out there to read! (laugh) I can’t wait for The Broken Kingdoms. Again, thanks for the great read and congratulations on all your success.

  2. Fell in luv with Sieh!!! Glade to see the “name pronounctiation guide!” Wow! What a wonderful and powerful writing imagination you developed to share with a very wide audience I might add. I am very proud of you sweetie…can’t wait to read the next 2!

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