Altered Fluid Interview at Clarkesworld

This got posted last week, but I was busy moving and only had time to Tweet it.

People often ask published authors how they got to where they are. The route is different for every author — but for me, it’s included a number of good writing groups. My current group is Altered Fluid, a New York-area group that’s been running since 2002 or so. Every writing group has its own culture, and what I like about AF’s is that they’re a group of similarly dedicated people — we meet every week, for example — who understand the value of personal connections for success in this business. They’ve been instrumental in not only helping me improve my writing, but also helping me improve my professional networking. Thanks to them I’ve been on the radio, been able to submit stories to closed anthologies and markets, made contacts that turned into commissions and job opportunites, and more. And most importantly, they’re not just colleagues; they’re friends.

So check us all out over there. A sample:

Funniest moment at an Altered Fluid meeting?

JEMISIN: You mean besides the time David [Rivera] danced naked on the table with a beer stein on his head?

KRESSEL: Yeah, but by the seventh time he took off his clothes, it got old. And weird.

RIVERA: Sheesh! No one appreciates physical comedy these days.

4 thoughts on “Altered Fluid Interview at Clarkesworld”

  1. That’s a pretty cool group you have there, almost like a support group. I can imagine how helpful they were in your writing process.
    And I just realized your second book is coming out in November. You work fast lol, and I can’t wait :)

  2. Hi Latasha,

    I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’d published some short stories before joining AF. I’d nearly finished The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, but hadn’t gotten a book deal. I think only one member of the group at that time — Alaya Dawn Johnson — had published a novel at that point.

  3. Thanks for responding. I’ve started my own writing group in Seattle ( and it’s been interesting to see what other groups are doing. If you have some time, I’d love to hear more about how your group grew into what it is now.

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