100K in the io9 Book Club!

If you missed my Tweet about it a few weeks back, here’s the update from the folks at io9 itself — they’re going to be focusing on The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms for their August book club. Details of how to participate are over there, but basically — read the book if you haven’t read it, then go there and talk about it. I’ll be joining them during the last week of August/first week of Sept in order to answer any burning questions that people still want to ask. And of course, because I am Evil and that’s what Evil people do, I will be dropping copious hints about The Broken Kingdoms and The Kingdom of Gods. [insert maniacal laughter here]

Jooooooin us.

2 thoughts on “100K in the io9 Book Club!”

  1. I was just wondering, since you posted the first three chapters of Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, will you be doing the same for Broken Kingdoms?

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