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It’s September 1. Do you know where your sample chapters are?

Why, right here — that is, if you’re looking for chapter 1 of The Broken Kingdoms. There is now a page devoted to book 2 live in the overhead navbar, too. As I mentioned awhile back, I’ll be posting the first three chapters of book 2 over the course of the next three months, leading […]

Kindasorta Countdown

Just a reminder for all — in September, specifically September 28 according to Amazon, the mass market version of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms will go on sale. This is great, because it’s about a month before The Broken Kingdoms starts showing up in stores, so people who buy the mass market will be able to […]

100K in the io9 Book Club!

If you missed my Tweet about it a few weeks back, here’s the update from the folks at io9 itself — they’re going to be focusing on The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms for their August book club. Details of how to participate are over there, but basically — read the book if you haven’t read it, […]

Old SF Books I Want to See Made into Movies

Hi, folks. I’m enjoying my not-quite-intentional staycation in the wake of completing The Kingdom of Gods — not quite intentional because I found out at the last minute that I wouldn’t have a class to teach for the summer, and staycation because I badly needed a vacation but can’t really go anywhere right now. But […]

Book Rec Post

I’ve been writing so much lately that I haven’t had nearly as much time for reading as I usually do. That’s one of the reasons I treasure the subways in NYC so much — if I were a driver, I wouldn’t get any reading done. As it is, subway reading time isn’t much, but it […]

It’s February 22nd. Do you know what that means?

That’s right. It’s launch week! In three days The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms will be officially published. It seems weird to say that, given all the reviews and interviews and such, and the fact that lots of people have gotten their preorders, etc., delivered early. But I can tell you honestly that I’ve been stopping into […]

Shameless self-promotion, times three

Hey, SFWA members! You, yes, you, have in your hands a unique opportunity! See, I have a short story, “Non-Zero Probabilities”, that’s doing pretty well in the Nebula preliminary-ballot voting. At this point there’s a very strong chance that my story will get onto the final ballot(!!). Now, I won’t lie; I’ve been entertaining fantasies […]

Audio Trailer!

I was feeling kind of ambivalent about getting a video book trailer, as I’ve mentioned here before. I’ve seen a very few book trailers that had a positive impact on my interest in/remembrance of the book being advertised, and I’ve seen a whole lot of book trailers that just fell flat. (Or worse, made me […]

“The Narcomancer” Live at Podcastle

This week’s Podcastle is my novelette “The Narcomancer”, which was first published a few years ago in the now-defunct Helix (and is currently archived at Transcriptase). It’s read by fellow Altered Fluidian Rajan Khanna, whose voice I always love. Also features an illustration by artist Shaun Lindow. “The Narcomancer” is based on a couple of […]

Everybody’s Doin’ It: NebDo!

(Ugh. OK, yeah, that was bad. I blame the lack of coffee.) In the category of “All my friends are shilling their Nebula-eligible shorts so I’ll do it too!” for a thousand, Alex: I had two short stories and two reprints published during the eligible period. The reprints aren’t eligible, and of the two, there’s […]