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Plugs for the Magic District, a collaborative promo blog I’m in with some other SF/F authors.

Not-new post at Magic District

D’oh. Posted it yesterday and forgot to mention it here. Go check it out; it seems to be fairly popular. On the subject of self promotion methods, with a poll I’d love to get some more votes on.

Whoopsie, Bisexuality Day

Looks like I jumped the gun a bit on my post about Circlet Press’ Like Twin Stars anthology.  I thought I’d somehow missed the launch; turns out they were waiting for today, Celebrate Bisexuality Day, to announce it.  D’oh! In any case, the book is now available, and there’s a longer excerpt from “The Dancers’ War” on their website now.  It’s got its own page now.  Check it out!

New Post at Magic District

…in which I get all warmfuzzy and contemplative in the wake of some very nice reader reviews. (Possibly more coming; I’ve heard people who’ve been reading the ARC making positive noises in brief comments, but not full-on reviews yet. Which is perfectly fine, ’cause, like, the book doesn’t come out for 6 more months, and I just started strategically giving ARCs out like 2 weeks ago. No, I can’t imagine this stuff ever getting old.)

Maps, Comedy, and Politics

Or, why I should update my blog more often. (Sorry!) Maps: I’ve got a new post over at the Magic District, talking about the map thing in epic fantasy. Triggered by something dumb on Fox News (is there ever anything else?), and an odd interaction I had at Worldcon last weekend, wherein I handed a copy of my ARC to someone and they protested (good-naturedly, but still protested) it wasn’t epic fantasy because it didn’t have a map. Comedy: The other creative, activist black sheep in my mother’s side of the family, cousin W. Kamau Bell, is coming to NYC …

Maps, Comedy, and Politics KEEP READING

New Magic District Post

…on forthcoming fantasy films, and what I think of them. Not very substantive, but fun, and mentioned here late because I was traveling yesterday — am down in Alabama visiting Mom for the weekend.

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