More! More French! Ha ha ha! And Podcastle.

I did another reading for Podcastle! This time it was British Canadian author Amal El-Mohtar’s love story And Their Lips Rang with the Sun. This was simply a delicious story to read; it had “mouth-feel”, for lack of a better way to describe it. I’m no actor, but the words demanded that I try; this was not a story that could be read plainly. So let me know what you think! Also, it’s official: French rights to The Broken Kingdoms (book 2) have just sold to Calmann-Levy, the folks who bought book 1. No word still on when the French […]

More! More French! Ha ha ha! And Podcastle. KEEP READING

And in the ‘Better Luck Next Time’ category…

…may it please those of you attending Worldcon this year to remember that “Non-Zero Probabilities” has also been nominated for a Hugo? Speaking of which, the Hugo Voter Packet is now available for download, including my little story. And in other news, am waiting for the contracts so that I can announce the sale of some additional foreign-language and audio rights to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, etc. I prefer not to say something’s a done deal ’til I’ve signed on the bottom line. But I will happily hint all over the place!

And in the ‘Better Luck Next Time’ category… KEEP READING

Off for Romantic Times…

Wow, that sounds so dreamy, doesn’t it? I’m off to a place where I’ll be whisked away by handsome and charming men who will greet me with flowers and Vaseline lenses… well, no. Instead I’m going to the Romantic Times Booklovers’ Convention, a romance industry con which is part of my attempt to cross-market the Inheritance Trilogy to readers who actually like romance in their fantasy. Romance is big business, and I mean big — I’ve never been to RT before, but by all accounts it’s about the size of Worldcon in a good year, with 300+ authors alone. So

Off for Romantic Times… KEEP READING

Wolfin’ it up this Saturday

I mentioned this here awhile back, but just a reminder: this Saturday I’m getting up at stupid o’clock in the morning to go on Hour of the Wolf, the long-running science fiction radio broadcast on WBAI 99.5 FM, hosted by Jim Freund. It’ll be my first time on the show by myself, which means I’ll be a bit nervous, and my brain doesn’t fully switch on ’til at least sensible o’clock in the morning, so I’m sure I’ll be a veritable fountain of babbling and incoherency. But it could be fun. If you happen to be awake between 5 and

Wolfin’ it up this Saturday KEEP READING

Off to WFC

…in San Jose tomorrow, though I’ve learned that thanks to flight changes it’ll be a 9 hour trip instead of 6 hours. Looking forward to that about as much as a root canal. But I will survive. As a reminder to any who will be there and want to say hello, offer gifts, punch me in the nose (note, though: I punch back!), etc., the one event I’ll definitely be at is my own reading, currently scheduled for 3 p.m. on Saturday. Come hear the first 2 chapters of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms! (Note: those of you who came to


Whoopsie, Bisexuality Day

Looks like I jumped the gun a bit on my post about Circlet Press’ Like Twin Stars anthology.  I thought I’d somehow missed the launch; turns out they were waiting for today, Celebrate Bisexuality Day, to announce it.  D’oh! In any case, the book is now available, and there’s a longer excerpt from “The Dancers’ War” on their website now.  It’s got its own page now.  Check it out!

Whoopsie, Bisexuality Day KEEP READING


(OK, New Orleanians, cool points to anyone who gets the subject line. And yeah, I had seriously questionable music tastes when I was a college freshman. Shuddup.) I just sold a story!! “Non-Zero Probabilities”, the story I read at the Diaspora of the Fantastic event a couple of weeks ago, has sold to Clarkesworld!! No word yet on when it’ll be published. ::does seriously questionable dancing around living room::


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