More! More French! Ha ha ha! And Podcastle.

I did another reading for Podcastle! This time it was British Canadian author Amal El-Mohtar’s love story And Their Lips Rang with the Sun. This was simply a delicious story to read; it had “mouth-feel”, for lack of a better way to describe it. I’m no actor, but the words demanded that I try; this was not a story that could be read plainly. So let me know what you think!

Also, it’s official: French rights to The Broken Kingdoms (book 2) have just sold to Calmann-Levy, the folks who bought book 1. No word still on when the French versions will be available, but I’ll post here as soon as I know.

ETA: D’Oh Canada!

3 thoughts on “More! More French! Ha ha ha! And Podcastle.”

  1. Nice! And you did a respectable job with the Arabic letters, too!

    FYI, though, I’m pretty sure Amal’s Canadian — just studying in Britain AFAIK.

  2. I LOVE your reading, and am gleeing all over everything about it. Thank you so much for it! I’d never have known you were no actress — the way you paced your reading, timed your laughter, and ach, especially the way you did the scene at the end (which made me teary, and it’s my own freakin’ story, I should be immune!) was awesome.

    Although yes, as Saladin pointed out, I’m Canadian, not British. :) Just studying there. Cue all my British friends laughing heartily at my being mistaken for one of their own!

    Congratulations on selling the French rights! Here’s hoping your books get translated into as many languages as there are Kingdoms. :)

  3. GAH!! Sorry about that. I had a vague recollection of you saying something about the UK at Wiscon, and ran with that. Shall correct in the OP.

    And it was easy to “get into role” with your story; I wanted to do such a beautiful tale justice. (I actually did cry at the end, reading it!) Glad you liked it!

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