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Plugs for the Magic District, a collaborative promo blog I’m in with some other SF/F authors.

You are likely to be eaten by your unfinished wordcount.

This. Is too funny. Go read it. My only regret is that now I get to follow this awesome post with my own tomorrow. -_- Since I never got to play games like this as a kid (no computer, though the family did have a Pong unit, go figure), I figured there had to be a way I could experience the awe and majesty of Zork online, now. And lo and behold, there is! But now I’ve been playing for an hour and haven’t gotten any writing done. And f#@$ing grues keep eating me…

You are likely to be eaten by your unfinished wordcount. KEEP READING

Observations… theory?

Got the copyedit of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms today! I’ve never done this before, so I kind of boggled when I started flipping pages and saw all these little squiggly things on it. The folks in my writing group helped me decipher the first few pages, and the stylesheet included with it helps too. It looks like it’s going to be fun to work on this — and I needed to re-read it anyway, now that I’m working on Book 3, for congruity’s sake — but there’s definitely going to be a learning curve involved. Wish me luck. And in

Observations… theory? KEEP READING

New Post at the Magic District: Retreats

OK, I know I’ve been posting more at the Magic District lately than I have been here. Sorry, ya’ll. =( Still learning how to juggle all this stuff. And apparently I’m going to be adding more soon; Altered Fluid is thinking about starting a blog. Yo ho, yo ho, a blogger’s life for me… Anyhow, this week’s post is an expansion of my post here (last week) about the retreat my writing group undertook. So check it out!

New Post at the Magic District: Retreats KEEP READING

Now it can be told: The Magic District

Hey, all. Been working for the past few days on a Sekrit Projekt! Which no longer needs to be secret. See, me and some other authors have decided to form an online promotion gang. Well, I heard about it and got jumped in (pummelled by WordPress issues), and now we’re the baddest motheshutyomouths on the internet. …Well, not really. But we will be, one day. =) Check it out: The Magic District! It goes live on Friday, and we’re promising a new post every day, plus a Sunday “open question” that all of us will answer. Who’s “us”, you say?

Now it can be told: The Magic District KEEP READING

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