Now it can be told: The Magic District

Hey, all. Been working for the past few days on a Sekrit Projekt! Which no longer needs to be secret. See, me and some other authors have decided to form an online promotion gang. Well, I heard about it and got jumped in (pummelled by WordPress issues), and now we’re the baddest motheshutyomouths on the internet. …Well, not really. But we will be, one day. =)

Check it out: The Magic District! It goes live on Friday, and we’re promising a new post every day, plus a Sunday “open question” that all of us will answer. Who’s “us”, you say? Well, Margaret Ronald, whom I’ve been raving about here; Greg van Eekhout; Tim Pratt; Diana Rowland; and fellow Orbiteer Rachel Aaron. (Conversations between me and Rachel: “You write 1000 words a day??” “ME TOO!!” “What, yours is also a three-book deal for which you’re now busting your ass to finish books 2 and 3 on time?” “ME TOO!!!” Instant BFF material, I tell you.) It’s a great crew and I’m proud to be aboard. I’m all aflutter!

I’ll be posting on Thursdays, BTW; I start a week from today. We’re going to talk about topics like the secrets of great villainy, and how far one can or should go with fantasy-novel sex (that’s one I’m planning to do for my first post), and so on.

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  1. This is a really neat idea, and a fun group of people to gather on one blog. I look forward to following it…sporadically…unless I can get a feed set up for it on LJ.

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