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I was feeling kind of ambivalent about getting a video book trailer, as I’ve mentioned here before. I’ve seen a very few book trailers that had a positive impact on my interest in/remembrance of the book being advertised, and I’ve seen a whole lot of book trailers that just fell flat. (Or worse, made me want to avoid the book like the plague.) So I decided to go with something different, and instead had an audio trailer put together. I’m going to be running this on some of the skiffy podcasts in the next few weeks, like I Should Be Writing and the Escape Artists podcasts (like Escape Pod and Podcastle). Since Escape Pod alone reaches something like 22,000 listeners, I think that should be pretty effective.

You can download the audio trailer here as an MP3. It’s one minute long. Feel free to share it! It was created by Maia Whitaker of Superior Audioworks (that’s her voice speaking Yeine’s lines), and uses open source music from artist Manolo Camp — specifically the song “isn’t love a strange thing”, which you can download at OPSound. (If you’re wondering, I paid both these artists — Maia for the production and Manolo for the commercial use of his music. I’m a big believer in paying for good art, if I can afford it. Fortunately they weren’t too expensive!) I think the finished product came out fantastic; very dramatic. But I’d love to know what you guys think!

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  1. I like it!!!! Can’t wait to read it! I think the audio trailer was a good way to go. Gives you a hint of the book without giving too much input like a visual trailer does.

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