“The Narcomancer” Live at Podcastle

This week’s Podcastle is my novelette “The Narcomancer”, which was first published a few years ago in the now-defunct Helix (and is currently archived at Transcriptase). It’s read by fellow Altered Fluidian Rajan Khanna, whose voice I always love. Also features an illustration by artist Shaun Lindow.

“The Narcomancer” is based on a couple of unpublished novels of mine, if you’re wondering: “the Tales of the Dreaming Moon” duet, which is more traditional epic fantasy than “the Inheritance Trilogy” except in that it’s set in a secondary world that consciously evokes ancient Egypt and Nubia. And the Jungian collective unconscious. And some other stuff. Give it a listen! Oh — rated R for smex and violence.

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