THE SHADOWED SUN sample chapter 1 posted!

The Shadowed Sun comes out one month after The Killing Moon — but since it’s a sequel to the first book, I’m left at a bit of a loss as to how to advertise it without spoiling the first one! So I’m posting the first chapter of TSS, which is tightly focused on Hanani, one of the story’s three main protagonists, and doesn’t spoil anything for TKM. I think it stands nicely on its own. But I can’t post any more than that until after TKM comes out. Sorry! Read it here.

THE SHADOWED SUN sample chapter 1 posted! KEEP READING

THE KILLING MOON sample chapter 2 posted!

Psst! Look up. Are you reading this on the main page of this blog? Then in the header you should see the words “Chapter 2” all lit up underneath that photo of The Killing Moon. Reading it on a subsidiary page? Look up again, but this time scroll over the “Books” link, and go to one of the pages there for the Dreamblood or the first book. It’s linked there too. Enjoy!

THE KILLING MOON sample chapter 2 posted! KEEP READING

Ask Me Anything About the Dreamblood!

Since I had three books coming out in close proximity to each other — The Kingdom of Gods just a few months ago, and The Killing Moon in May 2012 and The Shadowed Sun in June 2012, I’ve tried to minimize confusion and “competing against myself” by not talking about the latter two books until 2012. Well, now it’s 2012, and the brakes are off. Ask me anything about The Dreamblood! The blurb, for those of you who haven’t seen the preview chapter in The Kingdom of Gods: (Note that this is for The Killing Moon; any blurbage about The

Ask Me Anything About the Dreamblood! KEEP READING


FYI for all: there’s a fundraising auction going on right now to benefit author, artist, and editor Terri Windling, who’s going through a rough time right now. But even if you don’t know or care about her, you should care about this auction, because there’s all kinds of stunning stuff available. Like this custom “personalized” fairy tale poem from Jane Yolen! ::bites fingers, wanting:: And manuscript critiques, and art, and just… wow. For my own part, I’ll be offering a signed ARC of The Killing Moon, book 1 of the Dreamblood, for the highest bidder (minimum $10). This book won’t


Early look at the Dreamblood covers

Orbit published its Spring/Summer 2012 catalog recently. I’ve got the physical copy, which contains a gorgeous two-page glossy spread advertising the book to retailers, but Orbit decided to also publish the covers on its website for all to enjoy. (Which is fortunate, as I no longer own a scanner!) So go look at The Killing Moon and The Shadowed Sun, and marvel at their dark glory! (They’re next to The Kingdom of Gods because that’s when I imagine the mass market paperback will come out.) I love these covers — but note that they’re not final, and the final version

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So What’s Next?

This weekend I finished the Dreamblood books. Yes, both of them at once. Yes, it was hard as all get out and this is why I’ve been relatively quiet for the last few months. It’s been worse for my friends and family, if you’re wondering — I’ve been shutting off my phone on the weekends, skipping out on celebratory dinners and other events, and just generally being a hermit. But I got them done. So aside from resuming 8 hours of sleep, a social life, and regular exercise, what else am I doing to celebrate? Why, I’m starting my next

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Now it can be told: DREAMBLOOD!

HOMG, ya’ll, I thought I was gonna pop trying to keep this one in. Remember that really fantastic, utterly cool thing I’ve been hinting at for the last two weeks? Couldn’t tell you about it ’til it became official? Well, it’s official: I’ve sold the Dreamblood duology to Orbit! The first book’s description: In the city-state of Gujaareh, peace is the only law. Along its ancient stone streets, where time is marked by the river’s floods, there is no crime or violence. Within the city’s colored shadows, priests of the dream-goddess harvest the wild power of the sleeping mind as

Now it can be told: DREAMBLOOD! KEEP READING

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