THE KILLING MOON sample chapter 2 posted!


Look up. Are you reading this on the main page of this blog? Then in the header you should see the words “Chapter 2” all lit up underneath that photo of The Killing Moon. Reading it on a subsidiary page? Look up again, but this time scroll over the “Books” link, and go to one of the pages there for the Dreamblood or the first book. It’s linked there too.


6 thoughts on “THE KILLING MOON sample chapter 2 posted!”

  1. JSYK, it looks like bookdepository got a few copies of The Killing Moon in advance. IDK, I preordered it ages ago but a few days ago I was notified that the book was available. It was dispatched today! \o/ I honestly can’t wait to read it!

  2. Agree with Serena, Amazon sent me an e-mail today telling me the paperback was available, but that the e-book wouldn’t be out until May. Don’t know if this is a goof, but I’m taking advantage!

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