THE SHADOWED SUN sample chapter 1 posted!

The Shadowed Sun comes out one month after The Killing Moon — but since it’s a sequel to the first book, I’m left at a bit of a loss as to how to advertise it without spoiling the first one! So I’m posting the first chapter of TSS, which is tightly focused on Hanani, one of the story’s three main protagonists, and doesn’t spoil anything for TKM. I think it stands nicely on its own. But I can’t post any more than that until after TKM comes out. Sorry!

Read it here.

3 thoughts on “THE SHADOWED SUN sample chapter 1 posted!”

  1. Ms. Jemisin, I don’t know how it’s possible for you to put books out this quickly, but I heartily approve. Sequel to a book a month after it’s published? Yes please! I encourage you to continue. I’m sure time machines are available with a bit of googling, should it be necessarily.

    I’ve very much enjoyed your previous books. I love finding great new authors; *prolific* new authors? Awesome!

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