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So, last week was Launch Week, culminating in the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego. I flew out there on Thursday, came back yesterday on a redeye, and will probably be feeling the aftereffects for many, many days. Because I had a little party, while I was there: The SLEEPOVER OF THE GODS (it’s supposed to be capitalized; imagine it in a Movie Announcer Voice) party was a hit and a blast. In keeping with its theme of slightly warped childhood (to honor our God of Childhood Sieh, protag of The Kingdom of Gods), guests were invited to wear pajamas […]


World Fantasy 2011

Heading off tomorrow, on Launch Day — I’m launching from the ground and flying to San Diego! GET IT? Launching — um, yeah, OK. Anyway, while I’m there I’ll be doing a little of this and a little of that. Friday: 8:00 PM: I’ll be at the mass autographing. Saturday, 11:30 AM: Reading from The Kingdom of Gods or maybe The Killing Moon, I can’t decide Saturday, 9:00 PM: SLEEPOVER OF THE GODS, the KoG launch party! Special prizes for people in pajamas. Sunday, 1:00 PM: World Fantasy Awards banquet, at which I find out whether The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

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Reading outside the lines

Just flew in from Reno, and boy are — ::slaps self:: Sorry. Punchy from the jetlag, hangover, sleeping on airplanes, and oxygen deprivation. Just got back from Worldcon, which was in the quite lovely town of Reno, Nevada. Unfortunately it was in an unlovely series of spread-out, smoke-filled, noisy-with-many-blinky-lights casino hotels, which I might’ve enjoyed more if I was a gambler or a smoker. I’m neither, so I spent much of the weekend trying to fend off sensory overload, watering eyes, and potential emphysema. (On a completely different level, I can’t help but admire the social engineering of casinos like

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Worldcon Schedule

Yes, I will be at Worldcon next week, ’cause hey, possible Hugo. But I’ll be doing other things besides! Like this: Fri 13:00 – 15:00, Writers Workshop (with Louise Marley as a co-host!) Fri 16:00 – 17:00, Manga: Which Book Series got You Hooked? (Panel): An introduction to manga. Fri 17:00 – 18:00, Post-Modern Fantasy, Epic and Otherwise (Panel): There’s been considerable discussion of Fantasy, Fantastika, and Post-Modernism. What is this about, and why is it interesting for those who read, review, or critique present day fantasy? Sat 12:00 – 13:00, Autographing Sat 15:00 – 16:00, Exploring Social Justice via

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Think Galacticon

Just recovering from a whirlwind weekend in Chicago for Think Galacticon 3, a self-described radical leftist science fiction con, for which I was one of this year’s Notable Guests. (The other was community organizer, activist, and all-around cool chica Adrienne Maree Brown. Y’know how you get that instant “friend” vibe from someone? Yeah, that was us.) This was my first time doing the guest of honor thing, and it was a nice way to cut my teeth on it — and fascinating, to get exposed to concepts I haven’t before, like anarchist organizational development. (Yes, anarchists can organize — quite

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Curious Cabinets, Steampunk Mammoths, and Galactic Thinking

Stuff happening in Noraland lately: -The Thackery T Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities is almost out! This unusual anthology furthers the mythos of the good professor, which some may recall having visited before. There’s work in this one by China Mieville, Minister Faust, Charles Yu, and many, many more — and of course, Yours Truly. Preorder today! -Another forthcoming: The Mammoth Book of Steampunk, for which the ToC has just been released. My story The Effluent Engine will be in it as a reprint. And there’s lots more cool work therein, by many cool authors. Woot! -And this weekend, I am

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Clarion (West) Call

Passing the word — Clarion West, one of the well-known and justifiably-lauded six-weeker workshops that are basically “boot camp” for aspiring writers, has put out its call for applicants. And the deadline is coming up fast — March 1st! I’ve never been to a Clarion. Never had a job that would allow me six weeks off, and was never between jobs in the right conjunction of time and resources to make it. But I always wanted to participate, because so many of my favorite writers have learned and taught there. At this point I think it’s inappropriate for me to

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Brainstorming Immersive Inclusive Worlds

Long post is long! And full of intellectuobabble. But hey, this is for Readercon; it’s appropriate. I mentioned this in my previous post about Readercon, but I’m going to be running the following workshop there (description as submitted to Readercon; I think it’s been trimmed down for the program book): Farah Mendlesohn’s Rhetorics of Fantasy notes that the immersive fantasy should function on all levels as a complete world. However, many immersive fantasies fail to incorporate one of the most basic elements of any human society: our tendency to divide ourselves into socially-constructed subgroups such as race, gender, class, etc.

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For those who don’t know, I used to live in Boston. Liked it fine, but liked NYC better, which is why I’m here. But while I was there, I also liked a little local SF con called Readercon. Haven’t been back since, though, so it was very nice to be invited this year, since I’ve now apparently achieved enough Author Cool Points to merit being on the programming. And boy, am I on the programming. Here, then, is my Readercon schedule: 5 p.m. Friday: Axes of Identity in Speculative Fiction 6 p.m. Friday: Brainstorming Immersive Inclusive Worlds (this is a


Wiscon 2010

For those of you who’ll be at Wiscon in a couple of weeks, here’s what I’m scheduled for: Friday: Writers’ Workshop (I’m leading a novel group!) Saturday: When to Speak Up, When to Let It Go; Sat, 10:00–11:15 am How do you balance political activism and relationships/work/life? When do you let things pass? When do you make allowances for people, or stop making allowances? How can you speak up without turning something into a fight? How do you protect your personal and emotional safety when you do activism? What words and phrases do you find particularly helpful? Let’s discuss and

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