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Durh, cons and workshops. What else?

I got Mind Melded! Post Launch Pad

Am back from Launch Pad. Much to relate, in particular my conviction that Gay Haldeman is the nicest person in the solar system, but it’ll have to wait ’til I’ve processed things a bit and also until after I’ve finished the Book 2 revision, which I am now slightly behind schedule on. Going to finish the major riveting by tomorrow and then spend the remainder of the week and weekend spackling and painting, and then I can send it off to editor and agent with a smile. More on that later too. In the meantime, enjoy these photos of Launch […]

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Org Shuffle

Have decided to let my membership to the Authors’ Guild lapse, after it ends this year. I joined them hoping for two things: a) inexpensive health insurance, and b) in-person networking opportunities. I ended up going with the Freelancers’ Union instead for a, because theirs was cheaper and more comprehensive, and never saw any sign of b. And I’ve been annoyed by the Guild’s politics. Cory Doctorow nails it better than I ever could. This pissed me off too. It’s not an easy fix; it puts the burden of access on the visually impaired, rather than normalizing/easing access for all.


Radios down, readings a-comin’

For those who follow my Twitter feed or Facebook updates, you already knew about this: this past Saturday morning, I and my writing group went on “Hour of the Wolf” on WBAI (99.5 FM, for those in the NYC area), Jim Freund’s phenomenal crackadawn science fictional radio show. It’s been running for as long as I’ve been alive! (Since 1972.) I wasn’t reading — my esteemed colleague Rajan Khanna was — and my comments are pretty much limited to a sleepy sort of “bwuh?” and vague suggestions for his manuscript. But if you want to hear the whole thing, which

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My Wiscon Schedule, part deux

OK, finally seems to be solidified, though some of the events on this keep skeeting about like greased pigs. Thus far we have: Writers’ Workshop, Fri 9:00AM – 12:00PM. I’ll be running a group of four aspiring novelists. Yay! Forces Beyond Our Control: power, identity, and magic in fantasy, Fri 4:00 – 5:15PM. This is a reading I’ll be doing with fellow writers Alaya Dawn Johnson, Margaret Ronald, and Doselle Young. What will I read? Uh… still deciding on that. NOT ANOTHER F*CKING RACE PANEL, Fri 9:00 – 10:15PM. I’m the moderator for this one; the panelists will be K.

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Authors… in… SPAAAAAAAACE!!!

…Well, not exactly. But as close as we can get without becoming astronauts or paying $5K for the privilege. I’m a-goin’ to Launch Pad! Bwhuh? you say. To which I reply, from the Launch Pad website: Launch Pad is a NASA-funded education/public outreach effort supplementing Mike Brotherton’s space-based astronomical research. Our budget allows us to provide a workshop that is essentially free to participants. Our primary goal is to teach writers of all types about modern science, specifically astronomy, and in turn reach their audiences. We hope to both educate the public and reach the next generation of scientists. Though


Semi-con report: NYCC 2009

Finally recovering from NYCC and Son of Niece of the Cousin’s Sister’s Dog of the Plague, part 27. The worst of it hit on Friday, where I nevertheless gamely stumbled through the con hall while drugged and semicoherent. Hopefully I didn’t infect several thousand people with my cooties. Saturday I felt better in the morning, but ran down over the course of the day, though I still had fun Sat night when I had impromptu Thai with friends. Sunday I paid for it, when I woke up feeling like crap — at 11, despite going to bed at a reasonable

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Nora hearts workshops 4eva

Workshops! Passing along word of two fantastic ones for budding fantasists. The first notice is a forward from Ellen Gunn, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Clarion West: Applications are open for the 2009 session of the Clarion West writers workshop, an intensive six-week, live-in workshop for writers preparing for professional careers in speculative fiction. Gifted writers are found in all races, but because speculative fiction reflects the prejudices of the culture around it, proportionately fewer writers of color are successful. Clarion West is dedicated to improving those proportions. Co-founded in 1984 by J.T. Stewart, a woman of

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