I got Mind Melded! Post Launch Pad

Am back from Launch Pad. Much to relate, in particular my conviction that Gay Haldeman is the nicest person in the solar system, but it’ll have to wait ’til I’ve processed things a bit and also until after I’ve finished the Book 2 revision, which I am now slightly behind schedule on. Going to finish the major riveting by tomorrow and then spend the remainder of the week and weekend spackling and painting, and then I can send it off to editor and agent with a smile. More on that later too.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of Launch Pad attendees, taken by Jeremy Tolbert — note that they’ll be publicly available only for a short time. Also, those of you who are on Twitter can (if you didn’t already) follow my and fellow Launch Pad attendees’ in-the-moment thoughts and links by searching #launchpadworkshop. I especially recommend this video, which illustrates the astronomical in a really humbling, beautiful way.

In the meantime… I got to participate in SF Signal’s Mind Meld! Part 1 (with my answer) here, part 2 here. I feel all special now.

Random thought — I’m glad to be home, but I spent a few hours out on the balcony last night, realizing just how many stars I can see from Brooklyn and feeling quite smug that I know a lot more about them now.

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