World Fantasy, here I come!

Starting to get excited about going to World Fantasy Con for the first time. I’m leaving Thursday, and have already started mapping out what events I’ll be participating in. (I won’t be on any panels, note — since this is my first time, I’m just going to observe/experience. Maybe next year.) Thus far I think I’ll attend:

4:00 (if I get there on time) Are Appendices Needed?
6:00 Where Have All the Magical Creatures Gone?
8:00 Argh! My Alien is an Elf! (love that title)
10:00 Open Mic Poetry

10:00 Memorable Short Fiction
11:00 Adding Mystery to your Fiction (something I always have trouble with)
1:00 Tom Doherty Interview
3:00 Is Fantasy an Inherently Violent Genre?

10:00 Fantasy ‘Zines Online -or- Resurgence of YA Fantasy. (So indecisive!)
11:00 Dave Duncan/Minister Faust reading
12:00 Torn between Garth Nix/David Levine reading and “The Language of Fantasy”, because then I might be able to meet Carol Berg and Kay Kenyon and experience a Fangirl Rapture
1:00 Killing Significant Characters (is fun!)
2:00 Why Do We Write Dark Fiction? (because it’s fun too!)
4:00 Awards Year Recommendations
5:00 Vampire Elves And Other Lines That Should Never Be Crossed (but whyyyyy?)
9:00 Art Show Reception, maybe

10:00 Genre Hopping
…And then I will probably have to leave, since my flight is Sunday afternoon so I can get back with a day to recover before resuming teaching on Tuesday. Alas. =(

Note that all of this is based on a 5-minute perusal of the program (PDF); I reserve the right to skip and/or change my mind if something shinier catches my attention.

So, anybody else going? Shout out and let’s try to meet up there!

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