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Have decided to let my membership to the Authors’ Guild lapse, after it ends this year. I joined them hoping for two things: a) inexpensive health insurance, and b) in-person networking opportunities. I ended up going with the Freelancers’ Union instead for a, because theirs was cheaper and more comprehensive, and never saw any sign of b. And I’ve been annoyed by the Guild’s politics. Cory Doctorow nails it better than I ever could. This pissed me off too. It’s not an easy fix; it puts the burden of access on the visually impaired, rather than normalizing/easing access for all. And read-aloud software is nothing like an audiobook, damn it. Anyway.

Have decided to renew my membership to SFWA. Still have many reservations about this org, but they’re making herculean efforts to modernize, so I’ll give them another year. Check out their new website; holy crap it’s better than the old one. I can actually find stuff in it now! Amazing.

So to replace the Authors’ Guild, I’m trying out an org that I already know is pretty dynamic on the networking, etc., front: Romance Writers of America. I should’ve joined them last year, really, but didn’t want to jump into too many orgs and guilds at once. (Hey, I’m an RPGer; it’s never wise to join too many guilds at once.) Their conferences are expensive as all get out, but I’m told they’re worthwhile, so next year I’m going to try and scrape together my pennies and attend their 2010 con, and maybe even Romantic Times, after fellow Magic Districtee Diana Rowland’s ringing endorsement.

But back to RWA. I’m told the local chapter (beware — site’s color scheme is eye-bleedingly intense) is pretty active, so I’ll probably join that too. We’ll see if I qualify, given that their rules stipulate I have to be engaged in the romance genre; not sure how they determine that. I figure if they give me any guff, I’ll send them The Infamous Chapter 24 ™ of 100K. I can sneak in behind their backs while their glasses are fogged up!

…Or I can just become an Associate Member.

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  1. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with joining the RWA chapter, since you’ve already sold, and there’s nothing to say you won’t eventually write an urban fantasy or paranormal or whatever. The 2011 conference is in NYC, btw.

    I met someone from a NYC chapter at the national conference last year and had a nice conversation with her while standing in line for one of the book signings. She was one of the officers. Elizabeth Mahon? Will have to check spelling when I get home. I liked her.

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