Radios down, readings a-comin’

For those who follow my Twitter feed or Facebook updates, you already knew about this: this past Saturday morning, I and my writing group went on “Hour of the Wolf” on WBAI (99.5 FM, for those in the NYC area), Jim Freund’s phenomenal crackadawn science fictional radio show. It’s been running for as long as I’ve been alive! (Since 1972.) I wasn’t reading — my esteemed colleague Rajan Khanna was — and my comments are pretty much limited to a sleepy sort of “bwuh?” and vague suggestions for his manuscript. But if you want to hear the whole thing, which is a great example of how a writing group works (on the air, at 5 in the morning), listen here.

Other upcoming events in Noraland:

  • Not going to Readercon. =( But I am going to Worldcon in Montreal, and World Fantasy Con in San Jose. Have received confirmation I’ll be on the program — somehow — for Worldcon (I’d asked to do a reading, dunno if I got it), and have applied for same at WFC. Shall keep you posted.
  • Am doing a group reading hereabouts in NYC: Diaspora of the Fantastic: Black Women Writers of SF/F/H (RSVP here if you’re interested), on Thursday, July 30 at Bluestockings, 7-9 p.m.. Not sure what I’ll read yet; only got 15 minutes or so, which none of my short stories will fit. -_- I don’t want to read from 100K, since it’s still more than 7 months off at that point, and since I’ve got more readings coming up and will quickly get tired of reading from the book, I think. Might do an excerpt from the Postscripts story, or something unpublished.
  • Waaaaaaay advance notice, but I’ll be reading at KGB’s Fantastic Fiction event in March 2010. Which gives me only 9 months to freak out about it!! The KGB events are my favorite reading series in the city, so it’s a real honor to be able to read there… but by the same token, I’m already anxious about it. (Strangely, the thought of reading at Worldcon and WFC doesn’t bother me at all. WTF?)

And in micro news, am now revising chapter 8 (of 21) of Book 2. Hopefully won’t have to rewrite it, the way I did chapters 3-7… -_-

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