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What is Epic Fantasy?

Shamelessly mooching an idea from one of the Amazon discussion forums, in which user J. E. Johnson defined epic fantasy with this list: I would say in order for a story to be considered ‘epic’ to me, it would have to have the following elements: 1. A multiple book series 2. A quest of some […]

Meme Mooching: Favorite 5 Fantasy Nonhumans

Mooching a meme from a friend, and tweaking it for fantasy, my favorite 5 fantastic nonhumans, in no particular order: Gerald Tarrant, “Coldfire Trilogy”, C. S. Friedman. I have a thing for humans who become nonhuman, especially if they embrace the change and leave their old selves behind completely. But I get tired of overdone […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

in Canada. Hey, why isn’t our Thanksgiving in October too? Then we could have fun at the same time as our northern neighbors. We celebrate Guy Who Got Lost And “Discovered” A Continent Already Full Of People And Boy Did He Mess Them Up day in October. In principle Thanksgiving alludes to this, being a […]

Science Fiction in Black Music

Happy Labor Day, USians! Also, fellow Brooklynites, enjoy the Caribbean day parade! Had a small dinner party for friends last night, firing up the balcony grill one last time before retiring it for the season. Baby back ribs, grilled green tomatoes and eggplant, and peach cobbler. Aaaangh. At Worldcon, I was on a panel about […]

Yes, Virginia, I am procrastinating today.

But I’m making good progress on revisions, so it’s OK. So, remember back in March, when I got my delivery of seeds and was eagerly planning my balcony garden? Well, just in case you were sitting around anxiously wondering, “How’s that working out for Nora?” — here’s a photo: Those greens are looking mighty tasty…

Random thought.

In The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, human beings exploit their gods as literal slaves, using their magical abilities as weapons. In Book 2 (name undecided), human beings exploit their gods’ very flesh and blood in various ways. For example, a drug called “godsblood” has become popular in the mortal world, and it’s exactly what it sounds […]

Good reads of many kinds

Over on LJ, author Cat Valente is going through some hard times, and is offering a novel literary experiment to make ends meet. Basically, she’ll post her latest chapters of her latest work for people to read and pay for as she goes along. I can’t donate at the moment because I’m kind of struggling […]


From the Tokyo Fantasy Show as reported at Pink Tentacle, images of a post-apocalyptic, empty Tokyo. My favorite is Shinjuku — an area of Tokyo that I visited when I went there several years ago, which is amazingly sleazy and yet also surreal. Later I learned that Shinjuku is considered the “spiritual” center of Tokyo, […]

Spock and Biraciality

Went to see Star Trek last week. Quite liked it, despite problems like the women of the series still getting short shrift in the agency department, and much of the frenetic action having no real purpose. (Why did Young Kirk trash that beautiful car? I cannot condone random destruction of works of art, not even […]

Tired, but happy

I love my writing group! Last week we went on a retreat, taking over a farm in western Pennsylvania (near Gettysburg), where we spent 5 days doing nothing but writing and hanging out. I have to tell you, I’m not the sort of person who hangs out with a bunch of people easily for 5 […]