Happy Thanksgiving!

in Canada.

Hey, why isn’t our Thanksgiving in October too? Then we could have fun at the same time as our northern neighbors. We celebrate Guy Who Got Lost And “Discovered” A Continent Already Full Of People And Boy Did He Mess Them Up day in October. In principle Thanksgiving alludes to this, being a quintessentially colonialist holiday. So why not do a Columbus Day/TG mashup? Then have candy for Scary Pagan Day/Halloween as dessert? Probably more historically accurate too. I’ve lived in New England — trust me, the Pilgrims weren’t harvesting diddlysquat in late November. If it wasn’t out of the ground by mid-October there was a good chance it got killed by frost. So what, then they sat around and waited a month before they ate it?

…I’m overthinking this, aren’t I? Probably because I have to go to work today. ::sigh::

Anyway, happy TG to CAN.

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