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Testing, 1-2-3

Pay no attention to the woman behind the HTML. K. Tempest Bradford was kind enough to help me get the site up and running, but me being the inveterate tinkerer that I am, I’ve decided to try and figure out as much of this stuff as I could. So today we’re testing the Livejournal Crossposting tool, which I think I’ve finally managed to install and configure properly. And wait! This blog post isn’t purely irrelevant! Have begun tracking progress on BrightGod: 4,040 / 100,000(4.0%) Giving it 100,000 words because I’ve never, ever, written a novel shorter than that. So …

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Random observation of the day

My multiculturalism, let me show you it! Conversation in my office: Boss (who is from Australia): Would you like a crumpet? Me: What the hell is a crumpet? Oh, those English muffin-looking things. I’ve seen them at Trader Joe’s. Boss: Those aren’t crumpets. Me: Yes they are! It says so on the package. Boss: Biscuit, then. Do you want a biscuit? ::offers:: Me: COOKIE. COOKIE, DAMMIT. SPEAK AMERICAN. (I’m not really like this. Was just feeling silly today. He laughed.) I’m going to miss this job.

The goods, the bads, and the irrelevancies

GOOD: – Auction to help KGB Fantastic Fiction! The Fantastic Fiction readings were my introduction to New York’s dynamic spec fic community; each month two different established and up-and-coming writers read their work to an audience of fans and their fellow pros. It’s a great place to meet people and best of all hear good stuff. (I got to hear an excerpt from Naomi Novik’s fifth Temeraire novel last year! I’m still squeeing over that one.) So help the organizers keep bringing cool people… and while you’re at it, bid on some truly awesome stuff. (Seriously. Awesome. Go look.) – …

The goods, the bads, and the irrelevancies KEEP READING

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