The goods, the bads, and the irrelevancies


Auction to help KGB Fantastic Fiction! The Fantastic Fiction readings were my introduction to New York’s dynamic spec fic community; each month two different established and up-and-coming writers read their work to an audience of fans and their fellow pros. It’s a great place to meet people and best of all hear good stuff. (I got to hear an excerpt from Naomi Novik’s fifth Temeraire novel last year! I’m still squeeing over that one.) So help the organizers keep bringing cool people… and while you’re at it, bid on some truly awesome stuff. (Seriously. Awesome. Go look.)

– Getting a check from Baen’s Universe for “Playing Nice With God’s Bowling Ball,” which is due out in the August issue. This is the biggest check I’ve ever gotten for a short story publication! And just in time; going down to ATL in a couple of weeks for my family reunion — yeah, there’s a whole bunch of Jemisins out there, scary — and since it’s Atlanta, I’m going to need to rent a car. (I’d dearly love to spend it on something more glamorous, but that’s how life is.)

-The better still: having my first new published story in six months coming out soon! Was beginning to forget how it felt. Note: Baen’s is a subscription market, so if you want to read it, consider subscribing.

-Oh, went to see “Wall-E” this weekend. Pretty good.

-Went to see “Hancock” too. Not as good as I was hoping, but not bad enough to qualify for the “Bad” category. Speakinowhich…


– I’m so utterly, utterly tired of discovering bigots under every effing rock in the SF world. Today is literally the third time in three days, across three different online sites. I have to keep reminding myself that these people are the minority by a large margin; to pay more attention to the bajillions of good people I’ve met than the handful of horrorshows. But it wears you down, if you let it. ::sigh:: I can’t let it.


– I had a nightmare last night: I was in the world of my book (100K, not BrightGod), at a concert being performed by Queen. They were singing something vaguely reminiscent of the “Highlander” and “Flash Gordon” themes, only it was about my characters. The really scary part? It was kind of catchy, and didn’t sound half bad. ::twitch::

– Oh, hai! I has a eggie. Gacked from multiple people over on LJ. Click on it to make it hatch. (Just think of it as a kind of HTML Pokemon, OK?)
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