Sale, progress report

Occurs to me I haven’t talked about writing as much as I should have, lately. =)

Woke up this morning to an acceptance on “Red Riding-Hood’s Child”, which has been on hold with PodCastle for several months. Yay! Ought to be interesting, the feedback on that one.

I’m liking Podcastle more and more, though; they’re starting to take some risks. Good for them.

Writing wise, all is well. I’m pretty much done with the revisions to 100K; have added about 5K to the story overall. Now need to go back and do some smoothing and polishing to make sure it fits neatly.

Started BrightGod for the third time a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t worked on it as much as 100K. I think it bugs me to have the shadow of the first book looming overhead; once I get that out of the way I’ll feel more free to proceed with book 2.

Had dinner with my agent last week, which was for the win; we had a lot of fun. This time it was me taking her out, to thank her for being so kickass in the auction and elsewhere. Yes, I know that’s her job. But that doesn’t mean she has to be good, and she is, and I believe in rewarding hard work. Thanks again, L!

(I have no idea how or why so many pro authors — not newbies, pros — proclaim that they don’t need an agent. I think that’s complete BS, now that I’ve seen how much agents do. But that’s a rant for another day.)

Today am going on a tour of an old subway line found in Brooklyn, along with other members of Altered Fluid. Have been advised to bring a flashlight, and watch out for C.H.U.D. Should be fun!

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  1. Hey–found a comment by you on Alas, and have tracked you back here. Any chance you will be at Readercon?

    Do you mind if I quote you on a panel I’m running at Readercon? contact me privately if you get a chance.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful dinner. And seriously, a novel that awesome makes it easy to be a kick-ass agent!

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