World Fantasy Award nomination #2

…is for The Killing Moon. Yeah, baby! And congrats to the many other nominees — especially the writers also published in John Joseph Adams’ EPIC anthology, because that one got nominated too. Dreamblood-world short story “The Narcomancer” is in that one. This spotlight is crowded with awesome people.

Three Things Make A Post

Except I can’t count. State of the NoJo: plugging away slowly on the UMSP still. The ash has begun to fall and the world is changing; this novel’s got a very eerie, surreal quality to it that’s making me wonder if I’ve got some latent horror writer inclinations in me somewhere. Diverted a bit to work on a short story in the 100Kverse; more on that later. Because… The Killing Moon has been nominated for a Nebula!! I got the call about it this weekend, but had to sit on the news ’til the official announcement today. This is my …

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Tis the Season

Awards season, that is. Now that 2012 has passed into honored and unlamented history — happy New Year, everybody — people are looking back and thinking about what was best in the year, what was worst, and everything in between. And because I keep getting asked about it, here’s what I’ve got that’s eligible for awards consideration this year. It’s not much, alas; writing novels on deadline plus working a full time job has made me a much less prolific woman of late. Short Story Although I had a lot of reprints published this year, there was only one truly …

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So, yeah. This happened.

Nebula nomination number three, for The Kingdom of Gods. I found out on Friday, if you’re wondering why I’m so calm about this; had time to go out and celebrate with friends, recover from the hangover, and cool down over the last few days. But I’m still kinda ¡holyshit! about it, just more quietly so. I totally wasn’t expecting it. Yeah, it’s common for the third thing of a trilogy to get nominated for the Oscars, and stuff like that, but I don’t think it’s particularly common in SFF. Also, I knew there was really good stuff out there to …

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Give my editor a Hugo

Or a Nebula. Or something. ‘Cause she should get one. AS I SHALL PROVE. This is my editor. (Image taken from GalleyCat.) Isn’t she cute? Her name is Devi Pillai, of Orbit Books. She’s not only cute, she’s pretty badass. Here’s some stuff she’s edited — other than, y’know, my books. The Way of Shadows, Beyond the Shadows and Shadow’s Edge (the Night Angel trilogy) by Brent Weeks The Heroes and Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie Blameless, Changeless, Heartless, etc. (the Parasol Protectorate series) by Gail Carriger Blood Rights by Kristen Painter Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan …

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World Fantasy 2011

Heading off tomorrow, on Launch Day — I’m launching from the ground and flying to San Diego! GET IT? Launching — um, yeah, OK. Anyway, while I’m there I’ll be doing a little of this and a little of that. Friday: 8:00 PM: I’ll be at the mass autographing. Saturday, 11:30 AM: Reading from The Kingdom of Gods or maybe The Killing Moon, I can’t decide Saturday, 9:00 PM: SLEEPOVER OF THE GODS, the KoG launch party! Special prizes for people in pajamas. Sunday, 1:00 PM: World Fantasy Awards banquet, at which I find out whether The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms …

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Locus Roundtable on, er, Me

Locus, that nice magazine that just gave me a big shiny award, also does other cool things. Who knew? Like, they have a series called Roundtables, in which they ask a bunch of writers, reviewers, and other literary folk to chat about a particular work or topic. And — starting before the award, actually — they decided to talk about me. Disclosure: I’m on the Roundtable list, but I obviously bowed out of this conversation. So a couple of the folks there have met me in real life, one (Rachel Swirsky) knows me quite well, and the rest I only …

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Nebula Awards Interview

I didn’t win at the Nebs this year, but they’re the gift that keeps on giving nevertheless. SFWA’s got a lovely interview posted with me that I did while I was in France. An excerpt: In writing Book One, what was the hardest part? The easiest? Probably the political intrigue was hardest, because it interested me the least. I’ve written stories whose focus/purpose was politics, and when that’s what I intend, I enjoy writing it — the forthcoming Dreamblood novels are all politics, all the time — but in this case my purpose was to play with mythological archetypes. I …

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…and then it hits me.

I’ve been nominated or shortlisted for (or won) nine major awards. Nine. Awards. Nine. The Hugo (Nominee) The Tiptree (Shortlist) The Prix Imaginales (Nominee) Gemmell Morningstar Award (Finalist) Locus Awards (Finalist) Nebula Award (Nominee) Goodreads Readers’ Choice Awards (Nominee) Romantic Times Book Reviews Award, Fantasy (Winner!) Crawford Award (Shortlist) ::bogglety:: I kinda don’t know what to think about this. I’m astounded. Awed. Humbled. A little scared. A lot giddy. (And the Virgo in me keeps wanting it to be ten, just to make it a nice round number.) It’s an honor to be nominated for even one of these things, …

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