So, yeah. This happened.

Nebula nomination number three, for The Kingdom of Gods.

I found out on Friday, if you’re wondering why I’m so calm about this; had time to go out and celebrate with friends, recover from the hangover, and cool down over the last few days. But I’m still kinda ¡holyshit! about it, just more quietly so.

I totally wasn’t expecting it. Yeah, it’s common for the third thing of a trilogy to get nominated for the Oscars, and stuff like that, but I don’t think it’s particularly common in SFF. Also, I knew there was really good stuff out there to compete against this year — some of which I’ve read and raved about here. (Congrats, Genevieve!) Besides, I got nominated for fricking everything last year; the warmfuzzy of that still lingers. I was content to let it glow for awhile without trying to stoke up the fires again.

But, well, wow. Awed doesn’t begin to cover how I’m feeling right now. Seriously. Thanks to everyone who voted, and… yeah. Wow.

7 thoughts on “So, yeah. This happened.”

  1. Yay! Okay, I got entirely too excited when I saw that I knew (of) more than one nominee. It just inspires me to keep going. One day I’ll be on there too. =D

    I need to read the others on the list, but I’m still cheering for you.

  2. You’re writing some of the best Fantasy I’ve read in years. You’ve got a great voice, amazing characters, and a novel (no pun intended) approach to a genre that has been through some stale years in the past.

    You deserve this. And I love that it’s 3rd in the series. I do agree that’s not a common award choice in the realm of SFF.

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