No Hugo for Me

A full list of the winners is over at, and some of my reactions are over at Whatever, but really — I’m OK with this. I honestly never expected my little short story to do as well as it has. I mean, really, nominated for the Hugo and the Nebula? Being nominated isn’t just an honor, it’s unbelievably cool. So congrats to all my fellow writers who were up this year, nominee and winner alike. And after all, there’s always next year. When a certain debut fantasy novel will be eligible… ::hums::


Wibble Weekend

As most of you have guessed, I am not in Australia this weekend, at Worldcon. I’d like to be, but alas — couldn’t swing it this year. This is despite the fact that one of my short stories, “Non-Zero Probabilities”, is up for a Hugo. I’m kind of on tenterhooks, waiting to see whether I win or not. But since I won’t find out until, by my calculations, about 5 a.m. EST on Sunday morning, nothing I can do but wait. Am I going to get up at 5 a.m. to find out if I won? Erm… well… probably not.

Wibble Weekend KEEP READING


Didn’t win. (The NYC Simulcast was fun, though.) But I’m honestly not put out about that, because — as I’d been telling people for the past few days — I know and like something like 5 of the 7 nominees in the short story category personally, and I thought most of the stories up for award were phenomenal (haven’t read two of them yet, though), so I don’t mind losing in this situation. Some great writers did win, like Kij Johnson (my category) and Paolo Bacigalupi and Eugie Foster, and I just can’t feel bad about that. Besides… next year,


Commence Breath Holding in T-Minus 26:00…

So, there’s this little award in the science fiction/fantasy realm called the Nebula. It’s big stuff. And see, there’s this author named N. K. Jemisin, who’s up for one of these nice awards for a short story that she wrote. And, well, tomorrow night she’ll find out if she won it. ::ulp:: Cross your fingers for me, folks. Gonna be a bit of a basket case for the next day or so. Granted, either way I’ll be okay. I never expected to be on the Neb ballot this early in my career; if I don’t win, there will be other

Commence Breath Holding in T-Minus 26:00… KEEP READING

Three cool things about nebulas.

1) Although my short story “Non-Zero Probabilities” has been nominated for a Nebula (and a Hugo!) this year, I will not be attending the Nebula Weekend in Florida this year. Just got too much on my plate already. But there will be a New York-area Nebula simulcast sponsored by SFWA, which is open to the public (though cheaper for SFWA members). If you’re in the area, check it out! 2) As part of the Nebula Awards process this year, the administrators are doing interviews with all the nominees, posted on the awards website. Some fantastic interviews have already been posted

Three cool things about nebulas. KEEP READING

I go you go HUGO (nom)! Also, reading.

More good news: “Non-Zero Probabilities”, my Clarkesworld story that’s already on the Final Ballot for the Nebula award, has also been nommed for the Hugo! There are no words to describe how stunned and thrilled I am by this. (Well, “stunned and thrilled” come close.) Seriously, ya’ll, this has been a banner year and it’s only April. While I’m posting, though, let me remind folks that I’m reading tomorrow night at Lady Jane’s Salon, the new romance-fiction series that’s been getting lots of attention in the New York reading scene. Had thought about reading one of the “hot parts” from

I go you go HUGO (nom)! Also, reading. KEEP READING

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